Bored in training? Replace them with a Crossfit workout!

Today I will talk about crossfit training, which will bring a whole ocean of diversity to your sporting life. Despite the seeming complexity and diversity of cross-training, they are built by the same technique, and in time, you will easily remember them. And the main advantage of cross-training is that you will never be bored. Tired of training? Change the whole complex of exercises, and their huge choice, will allow you to do it again and again. Well, let’s move on to the practical part.

Where to begin?

And you have to start all the same with theory. So, all the exercises are divided into three parts: weightlifting (W), gymnastic exercises (G) and cardio exercises (M). W – means “weightlifting”, G – gymnsatics, and M – “metcon”. Perhaps only the letter M will cause difficulties in translation. Metcon is an abbreviation for “metabolic conditioning,” that is, metabolism training. In this case, it does not differ from the usual word “cardio”. Resonant will be the question: “And why these letters?”. And the letters in the crossfit exist in order to conveniently share their workouts. For example: 1st day – WG, 2nd day – M. That is, on the first day the training will combine weightlifting and gymnastics, and on the second day cardio. What is attributed to these exercises?



Weightlifting includes all exercises with additional weights, from such sports as powerlifting, weightlifting and kettlebell lifting. For all exercises you will need additional equipment, in the form of weights, barbells and dumbbells. The main exercises include:

  • squats
  • The bench press
  • deadlift
  • dash
  • mahi giri

The remaining exercises will follow from the main ones. And even these 5 exercises you can drastically vary. Tired of crouching with the barbell? We took dumbbells. Tired of doing press dumbbells? We took a bar, etc. The number of derivative exercises goes off all imaginable and unimaginable limits, so that you will be where to turn.



Gymnastic exercises include exercises with their own weight, which are performed in a very intense form. It’s harder to highlight the main exercises, because their diversity is too great, so I’ll just talk about the most interesting. For example, burpee is an exercise that involves the muscles of the whole body. It is executed in several steps:

  1. Adopt the position of lying down
  2. Recoil
  3. Pull your knees to your chest and jump up
  4. Make cotton with your hands over your head


Or plank – stand in the rest lying on elbows, which is very powerful pumping the press. Well, a lot of variations of pull-ups, push-ups, corners and lifts on the press.



As I said above, all the exercises in this part work with your metabolism, speeding up the metabolism. These include running, rowing, jumping rope, shuttle run and so on. In principle, nothing new. But, and here there are exercises for the most sophisticated. For example, running in the supine lying or triple jumping rope. In general, in each of these 3 workouts there are exercises for all levels of training.


Well, now for training. I will describe some standard exercises, and you, having found the whole range of exercises, for example here, you can create your own training for your needs or choose one of the available ones.

1 training. (WGM)

  1. Running – 250 meters with maximum acceleration.
  2. Mahi dumbbells in front of you (20 times)
  3. Press of dumbbells (15 times)
  4. Pull-ups (10 times)
  5. Burpee (10 times)
  6. Jogging (2 km)

2 practice. (WGM)

  1. Shuttle run (3 times “round trip”)
  2. Squats with a bar (15 times)
  3. Plank (60 seconds holding the rack)
  4. Jerking rod (10 times)
  5. Jogging (1 km)

Naturally, before each workout, you have to stretch and stretch, as the exercises are carried out quickly, besides some of them are weighed down, so there is a risk of injury if you do not warm up before performing them. Also, as in any other sport, I would advise you to find a coach and first time to deal with it. And most importantly – do everything gradually, do not rush anywhere and do not put yourself a record in the first training. Are you ready for a crossfire change in your life?

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