Is popcorn useful?

I’m betting that most of you to the question “whether popcorn is useful” will answer unequivocally – this food is very high in calorie and in general, what can be good in it. I myself would have said so until yesterday evening, but after reading a few articles from English-language sites, my opinion changed.

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Of course, not everything is as rosy as we would like, and for the beginning – a fly in the ointment. Popcorn in the cinema is really very caloric, because it is made with the addition of oil. In addition, there are many aromatic additives in this popcorn, but this is already harmful. However, in the grain itself there are so many useful substances that I think if you eat a glass at the weekend it will only be of use.

If you want to regularly have a snack with popcorn, then here’s a tip – choose grains without oil and additives and cook on the stove, and not in the microwave. So you can either have a completely pure popcorn or if you want to add some good oil and salt.

Well, now about what the grains are useful for.

1. Popcorn contains a huge amount of antioxidants, especially polyphenols. Polyphenols also contain tea, olive oil, red wine, chocolate.

2. There is a lot of fiber in popcorn. And, as you know, it has the most favorable effect on the digestive tract, and also helps to lose weight.

3. Popcorn is a whole-grain product, and therefore contains many vitamins and minerals.

4. All this in a complex: antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, prevents the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and tumors. Antioxidants also protect cells from destruction.

5. And finally, popcorn is just an easy and very tasty snack!