How many calories need to be burned to lose weight?

Calorie counting is one of the most famous ways to lose weight. Its essence is simple: you need to spend more energy than you consume. In other words, create a calorie deficit.

How many calories you need to burn to lose weight by 5 kg

In 1958, the scientist Max WishnofskyCaloric equivalents of gained or lost weight , that one pound of fat in the human body corresponds to 3,500 kilocalories. Thus, one kilogram of fat is 7,716 kcal.

Hence, you need to create a deficit of 7,716 calories to lose weight by 1 kg.

Let’s say your goal is to lose 5 kg. You consume 2,000 kcal per day, and you spend 2,500 – a deficit of 500 kcal is created. If you stick to such a diet, you will lose weight on a kilogram after 15 days. And to lose 5 kg, you will need 2.5 months.

It looks simple. But when it comes to processes in our body, everything becomes much more complicated. Our body easily adapts to new conditions, including hunger.

How to whip up a slow metabolism

First time, a deficit of calories really will lead to rapid weight loss, but then the metabolism will slow downWhy do not patients lose more weight when treated with low-calorie diets? A mechanistic perspective . Under malnutrition, the body will begin to conserve energy. For intensive weight loss, you will need something more than the already familiar diet.

For example, sports. Strength training and high-intensity interval training create an oxygen debt in the body. On its cover, calories are consumed, both during the training session and several hours after it.

Training is also necessary for one more reason: provided that protein intake is sufficient, they prevent loss of muscle mass.

How to lose fat, not muscle

The goal of losing weight is to get rid of excess fat in the body. However, along with fat during a calorie deficit, you lose muscle mass. This is extremely undesirable for a beautiful figure.

In May 2008, scientists from the University of Alabama in Birmingham conducted a study on the conservation of muscle mass and energy recovery when losing weightResistance training conserves fat-free mass and resting energy expenditure following weight loss .

It confirmed that strength training during a low-calorie diet allows you to maintain strength and muscles.

However, to build muscle requires protein. If you are engaged in strength training during a diet, add to your diet foods rich in protein.


  1. You lose one kilogram of weight, creating a deficit of 7,716 kilocalories.
  2. This works in the early days of a diet, and then the metabolism slows down.
  3. To the metabolism did not slow down, and you did not lose muscle mass, include in your diet foods rich in protein, and do power training.

How to count calories

You can use websites and applications with ready-made recipes. You only need to strictly observe the proportions and the number of ingredients.

Calorie counting on

On this site you will find detailed recipes with photos. At the end of each is indicated the caloric content and content of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and dietary fiber. →.


Calorie counting on

There are quite a few recipes on the site. There are filters “Low Calorie”, “Fast”, “Simple”. Calories and nutrient composition are prescribed in the table. If you change the number of ingredients, you can click on the “Calculate calorie” button and find out how many calories there will be in the dish.

«NyamNamra» →

My healthy diet

Calorie counting on the site

On this site, all products and recipes are dealt with in the most detailed manner. The recipes indicate the calorie content, the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Under the products there is a description of the vitamins and microelements contained in them.

“My healthy diet” →

Calorie Counter from FatSecret

Calorie Counter from FatSecret Calorie Counter from FatSecret

In this application, you can maintain a food diary. Add the foods eaten, and the utility will calculate the calories and BIO. There are ready-made meals and products of different brands. There is even an opportunity to read the barcode of the goods.

Also in the application there is a diary of exercises. You can find out how many calories you spend on different types of physical activity.

By the way, FatSecret service is also available on PC, if it is more convenient for someone to count calories and activity there.


Calorie counting in YAZIO Calorie counting in YAZIO

In this application, you can select products from the database or scan a barcode, use recipes from the application, or create your own.

Also there is a counter of calories spent. And if you connect Google Fit, your workout will automatically load into the application.


Counting calories in MyFitnessPal Counting calories in MyFitnessPal

In this calorie counter you can save your recipes, meals and even whole meals to save time.

There is also an activity counter with cardio and strength exercises. However, calories are not calculated in the latter. This function can be used to quickly see what you did at the last workout. If you want to calculate the calories spent on training with weight, add new activity and prescribe calories by hand.

MyFitnessPal - calorie counter calorie counter MyFitnessPal

The counter can be synchronized with fitness trackers or applications to track the activity of MapMyFitness, MapMyRun, Garmin Connect and others.