20 Super Effective Exercises with Fitbol for Work at Home

What can you do with this cumbersome inflatable ball that takes up so much space at home?

In fact, fitball (this is the name of this ball) is an excellent projectile to keep your body fit. You perform exercises in a precarious position, which forces you to maintain balance. And this is an additional load on the muscles.

By the way, exercises using balls are often performed by athletes during rehabilitation after trauma. This is due to the fact that the ball helps to reduce the load on the muscles and spine in comparison with the usual exercises.

Before we go to training, let’s determine the size of the ball, which you will be comfortable working with.

Most balls are available in three sizes:

  • 55 cm – for those with a height of 150-160 cm;
  • 65 cm – for those with height of 160-170 cm;
  • 75 cm – for those with a height of 170-200 cm.

Based on this list you can choose the right one. Or there is one more screening test that will help determine the ideal size of the ball for you. All that is required of you is to get on the ball. If your hips and shins form a right angle, then the size of this ball is right for you.

Performing the exercises, which we will discuss further, determine the number of repetitions and approaches, depending on the level of your preparation. We recommend doing 3-5 sets of 10-20 reps per exercise. Start with a small amount, and then increase the load.

Ready? Go.

Exercises for the lower body

This group of exercises is designed to work out the basic muscles of the legs.

1. Squats with the ball over your head

Squat with a ball
Squat with a ball

The basis of this exercise – the usual sit-ups, the only difference is that you are on extended arms to hold the ball over your head.

2. Squats near the wall

In this exercise, the ball is used to support the back. During the exercise, he must move from the waist to shoulder level.

3. Clenching the ball with thighs

This may look ridiculous, but the exercise perfectly works out the muscles of the thighs and lumbar spine. Squeeze the ball to keep balance. Hold in this position for 30-45 seconds.

For this exercise, it is better to use a smaller ball than normal.

4. Pelvic lift

Pelvic lift
Pelvic lift

Lie on the floor, stretch your arms perpendicular to the body. Lower the lower leg and the heel on the ball. With the help of the muscles of the press and buttocks, lift the hips above the floor. You will find yourself in a shaky position, so use your outstretched arms to maintain balance.

Exhale and slowly bring your knees to the hips, so that your feet are on the surface of the ball. Hold for a second in this position, and then inhale and pull the legs back. Hips always keep on weight, to give the maximum load to the muscles of the buttocks.

5. Squats with holding the ball in front of you

This exercise works at the same time muscles of the hands, the press and legs.

6. Accident with the ball

When doing this exercise, make sure that the knee of the foot standing on the floor does not go beyond the level of the toe. To maintain balance, you can hold on to the support (for example, a chair).

7. Reverse hyperextension

Exercises for the upper body

This set of exercises works on the muscles of the arms and shoulders.

8. Push-ups

Push ups
Push ups

It’s not just push-ups that you could get used to. This is a complicated version of them, because we have to keep balance.

9. Plank

Unlike the usual bar, which is performed on the floor, this version of it even more loads the shoulders and hands. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds, if you can.

10. Back twisting on the ball

During this exercise, I recommend putting a towel under your knees to avoid pain.

11. Hyperextension


Yes, and this is an effective exercise you can perform on the ball.

12. Flexion on the triceps

13. The spire

This is a difficult exercise. It is recommended to perform it already when you have gained a certain physical form.

Exercises for the torso

This set of exercises with the ball is aimed at loading the muscles of the trunk.

14. Exercise for the press

In the top position, stay until you count to five, and then slowly lower. The number of repetitions is 6-10 depending on your preparation.

15. Jumping on the ball

Do not be frightened, literally you do not have to run on the ball, although this exercise will also make your heart beat more often. All that’s required is to sit on the ball, put the heels on the floor. And then quickly raise and lower your knees to jump as high as possible.

Attention: this exercise involves the press, and not the muscles of the legs. You do not need to get up, you just need to lift your knees.

Try to maintain the average pace for 2-5 minutes. Believe me, this is not so simple.

16. Moving the ball from the hands to the feet

17. Lifting the knees to the stomach

Pulling the knees to the stomach
Pulling the knees to the stomach

The starting position is like push-ups. Only instead of bending your hands in your elbows, press your knees under your back and straighten your legs.

18. Raising your knees on the ball

During the performance of this exercise, you need to strongly push your knees to each other, so that your legs do not part. To prevent pain, hold the towel between your knees.

19. Exercise for the oblique muscles of the torso

Sit down directly on the ball. Hands behind the head. Legs bring together and lower your feet to the floor. Then, simultaneously, pull your legs to the right, and turn the body to the left. Do 12-15 repetitions for each side.

20. Slopes to the side with the ball

It is useful to finish the exercises with a stretch press. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders, keep the ball over your head, your back is straight. Bend over and hold the ball to the outside of your left foot. Keep your back flat when bending over. Raise the ball again and lower it to the right side.