Tightening mask-bandage: what it is and how it works

What is a mask-bandage

With age, our muscles and skin become much weaker, their tone decreases, the muscle framework begins to change shape. As a result, a second chin appears, the skin slides and, in general, the deformation of the face oval becomes more noticeable. To solve this problem helps the tissue mask-bandage. This is a kind of elastic bandage that directly affects certain areas of the face and neck and makes the skin more taut.

How it works

The bandage creates a certain compression, which improves blood circulation and thereby stimulates the destruction of fat cells.

And if you work the muscles of the face, when you have a bandage, you can feel the real effect of the simulator. You move the muscles, and the bandage makes you do much more. So, doing the most usual household chores or even going to bed in a pull-up mask, you also train the muscles of the face and neck. And it’s good at any age.

What problems do the fabric bandage solve?

Tissue bandage for the face is like compression lingerie, and they are solved exactly the same problems. But if 10 years ago, compression underwear was used mainly during the recovery period after surgery or delivery, today cosmeticians and plastic surgeons recommend wearing it systematically, because this is a real opportunity to get a pronounced effect without surgery or expensive procedures. If the bandage is combined with cosmetic means and massage, then the effect increases at times.

Tissue bandage can eliminate age-related deformation of the face oval, reduce fat deposits, improve muscle tone, eliminate shallow wrinkles and increase the skin turgor, especially in the areas of the cheeks, chin and neck.

You can recommend wearing such a bandage to those who want:

  • reduce the second chin;
  • improve the face oval;
  • make wrinkles less noticeable.


  • Sleeping in the bandage is not very convenient. However, if you do this every night, the result will cover all the inconveniences.
  • Without tightening cosmetics, the effect will be less noticeable.
  • If you have a second half, it is worth it to prepare morally: next to her will be a man in a mask, and not in the most beautiful.

If you are not frightened by the above disadvantages, then you can proceed to contraindications.


  • Disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system and hypertension.
  • Damage to the skin or open wounds in places to which the bandage is attached.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

Types of mask-bandages

Tightening bandage mask
Strengthening mask for correction and facelift of the face

Such masks are of the following types:

  • Elastic mask in the form of a bandage to strengthen the muscles of the neck and face.
  • Bandage of facial.
  • Belt from the double chin.

Also there are variations like masks with lifting effect and other lotions. Should I pay attention to these pleasant additions? Definitely yes. And most importantly, it is worth carefully choosing exactly the mask that will meet your requirements for the final result. If you want to eliminate small wrinkles, it is better to pay attention to the facial bandage, and if you get rid of the double chin – get a belt from the double chin.

If the use of mask-bandages to apply to the skin cosmetics (from wrinkles, for braces and others), the effect will increase.

In the stores you can find the usual masks, as well as sets of 5-7 tissue masks. Now we will explain what is the difference.

Neoprene and tissue masks
Lifting complex of neoprene and tissue masks

You can buy a regular pull-up elastic mask and apply, say, a cream under it. But this approach is not entirely hygienic, because in this case the mask will be constantly under the influence of cosmetic means, which means that its service life will decrease.

It is better to purchase sets, which include not only the elastic masks themselves, but also impregnated with a special composition of replaceable fabric masks. The principle of action is as follows: first you need to put on a replacement mask, and on top to fix the elastic. Such lifting complexes do not require additional cosmetics and are considered more hygienic.

How to care for masks-bandages

Whichever type of mask you choose, you should wash it with warm water and soap. It is not recommended to dry the product on the battery or in the sun, as neoprene or other elastic compound will quickly lose its properties.

Who produces such masks?

The main producers are Korea and China. Women (and men) in the East want to remain young and beautiful at all times, and here they produce tons of various drugs: creams with slime snails from aging, and bleaching pearl powder, and mask bandages. But, if these funds work, why not use it?