Templates of gift boxes for Valentine’s Day

Gifts for Valentine’s Day – it’s serious. Therefore, it is necessary to approach their choice and design thoroughly. And let this holiday come up with the sellers of chocolate and soft toys, giving presents is still nice, even if you prefer to ignore this holiday.

We bring to your attention a selection of templates for gift boxes that you can use for any occasion or occasion.

Box №1

Gift boxes: 1

Download template →

Box №2

Gift boxes: 3

Download template →

Box №3

Gift boxes: 4

There are three variants of coloring.

Download the orange box template →

Download Template red box →

Download blue box template →

Box №4

Gift boxes: 5

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Box №5

Gift boxes: 6

Download template →

Box №6

Gift boxes: 7

To get the box pattern, click on the picture and save it.

gift boxes: template