Endomondo: one of the best applications for running and other sports (+ distribution of promo codes)

One of the main problems in sports is maintaining motivation, and ideally – increasing it. Surely every person had a situation in life when he began to actively engage in jogging or walking, skiing or cycling and then showering training. There are many different good applications that successfully deal with this problem. They show you your statistics, the number of calories lost, allow you to independently set goals and achieve them, including at the expense of the social component. Endomondo is one of the best of these applications. It is suitable for professional and experienced athletes, as well as for those who just get on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

So, Endomondo, will record not only the time of the session, the “traversed” path (your track), the number of calories, steps or average speed. It will introduce a social competitive component (Home screen → Select Workout → Beat a friend). And if you do not have friends that use it, you can motivate yourself differently: set a goal (temporary, by the number of calories burned or the goal by distance you have to overcome, the goal is to beat your own record).

IMG_0446 IMG_0465

The pleasant moment was that you can find routes nearby (for this you need to click on the side slider icon, select Routes, and then the tab of the track) and use them for your workout, saving your favorite tracks to favorites (My Favorites).

IMG_0455 IMG_0473

Authorization is extremely simple. You can go using an account from facebook, or traditionally, leaving an email. As soon as you are authorized, you will see a suggestion to add friends. Use it, in this case, the invitation of friends will work for you as an additional competitive and social motivation.

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IMG_0434 IMG_0436

The main screen is extremely simple, clear and beautiful. It has two modes, the second one in the form of a map, and a large green button that calls you to start the workout.

IMG_0445 IMG_0444

Just one field is worth filling in before the start of training – this is the type of sport that you are going to do (the default is running). The rest of the fields are also customizable at the request of the owner of the phone. You can display the training time, the distance you have overcome, the calories burned, the pulse on the main screen (the pulse is output if you use an additional device that connects to the application, speed, average speed, fluid loss, total number of steps, number of steps in a minute).

IMG_0461 IMG_0463

At the end of the workout, with an elegant movement of the hand, we press the stop and see the statistics on the training, which can be shared on facebook.

IMG_0450 mzl.fjjdlqcw.320x480-75

Left – running in place in my performance, on the right – the application screen from a real athlete ????

Also in the application there is a section with interval training (three pre-installed workouts and the possibility of creating your own program).

IMG_0467 IMG_0474 [1]

The resume I can make after the first acquaintance with the application: the convenience of 5 of 5, a pleasant and easy to use interface. The application is worth its money. We ask those who have been actively using the application for a long time to share their experiences and impressions in the comments.

We really want you to play sports with pleasure, and our favorite devices and applications to help you in this! Therefore, we are ready to give you four promotional codes for Endomondo. Terms are standard: you share a link to this post with friends on Twitter and give a link to your tweet in the comments to this post. We will make a random sample of four lucky ones and give promotional codes. Do not forget to fool @MacRadar, because the promo codes are sent with a personal message, and you can not send a message to a non-folover.

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