Top 10 apps for Selfie on iPhone

1. Facetune 2

Just an indispensable thing for fans of portraits: Facetune 2 will make your face perfect. In the arsenal of the application a huge number of professional retouching tools, starting with the correction of skin defects and teeth whitening and ending with a change in the color of the eyes and even their increase.

2. YouCam Perfect

A popular application for girls, able to emphasize the beauty of the face and bring the Selfie to perfection. YouCam Perfect is able to correct tired eyes, tone of the face, to get rid of wrinkles. But more attention is paid to beauty trends. Built-in social network serves for inspiration and allows you to be aware of the latest trends. You just need to follow the advice of experts and add to the profile of the products used to create the image.

3. Makeup Genius

The application from the well-known cosmetics brand, as you might guess, is intended for a virtual make-up attempt. It allows in real time to impose cosmetic means from new rulers, following the advice of make-up artists, and to assess how well the image is chosen. In this case, your virtual makeup will be automatically adjusted when turning and tilting the head.

4. Retrica

Anyone who desperately lacks Instagram filters will find salvation in Retrica. The application offers a huge number of fascinating filters for all occasions. In addition to this, you will have at your disposal stickers and stamps, as well as tools for creating hyphas and collages.

5. Microsoft Selfie

A specialized application from Microsoft, using sophisticated intellectual algorithms for the best quality images. By determining the sex, age and color of the skin, the application converts photos, correcting skin defects, wrinkles and adjusting lighting. The beauty is that all this happens in a completely automatic mode.

6. Snapchat

Despite the fact that Snapchat is an instant messenger, the processing tools available in it make it useful for normal selfies. The application is useful for amateurs to joke and apply unusual masks. You can impose them for both traditional and video sessions.


Nashumneloe in its time application with animated masks, applied in real time, continues to develop and delight all self-maniacs with a sense of humor. Now in MSQRD is available a lot of interesting images, with which you can pretty have fun, play friends or write funny congratulations.

8. Meitu

And one more application for fans of unusual experiments with images. Meitu will literally in two counts turn into an anime character. In just a few clicks, you can be transformed beyond recognition by increasing your eyes, lightening and smoothing your skin or applying makeup. You can work not only with portraits, but also with a photo in full growth, making yourself slimmer and reducing the waistline.

9. TouchRetouch

On Selfi, all attention should be focused on you, and there is nothing worse when a successful shot is corrupted by some unpleasant detail. With the TouchRetouch application, you can quickly remove wires, poles, random passers-by, road signs and any other unwanted objects that should not be on the photo.

10. Selfshot

And this app will be very useful in the dark or dusk to the owners of iPhone 6, SE and older devices. It will be able to replace the screen self-flash, available on the iPhone 6s by default. Selfshot increases the brightness to the maximum, makes the screen completely white, leaving only a small preview window and highlights such a unique flashlight face during the shooting.

By the way, about the best Android-applications for self, Lifehacker also told.

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