45 items for guitarists with AliExpress

The most necessary things

Ernie Ball Strings

Qualitative strings from Ernie Ball. Cheaper than offline stores.

The price: 467 rubles.


Compact three-ratte combo with tone control and battery power.

The price: 1 045 rubles.


A cover that will protect your tool not only from chips and scratches, but also from pouring rain.

Price: 1 696 rubles (for a guitar) – 2 288 rubles (for bass).


Millimeter-sized mediators Dunlop. Wholesale.

The price: 1 028 rubles for 72 mediators.

Strings “student”

Cheaper string can not be found. However, Orphee has its fans: AliExpress has a lot of positive feedback.

The price: 128 rubles.


Belts for guitar at a record low price. Available in five colors.

The price: 54 rubles.


Multitool keychain includes an anchor key, a pouch for mediators, nippers, a ruler for adjusting the height of the strings and a turntable for twisting the pins.

The price: 291 rub.

Cover with print

A beautiful and quality cover with a lot of positive feedback.

The price: 1 388 rubles.


Fender Stratocaster replica assembly kit

The most accessible way to become the owner of a tool is to collect it yourself. All the necessary is present in the kit.

The price: 7 005 rubles.


Ukulele is a pleasant bonus in the arsenal of any guitarist.

The price: 1 107 rubles.


Replica iRig

A simple device for connecting a guitar to the iOS gadget. Supports all applications designed to work with the original iRig.

The price: 218 rubles.

Acoustic guitar pickup

A piezo pick-up with convenient mounts will allow you to connect your acoustics to the amplifier.

The price: 121 rub.

Tuner pedal

The tuner for the guitar, executed in the form factor of the effect pedal, which is especially convenient for placement in the board.

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The price: 1 285 rubles.

Guitar Link

Budget device for connecting a guitar to a computer.

The price: 399 rubles.

5-position switch

Switch pickup for electric guitar. Useful if the original controller is out of order.

The price: 137 rubles.

Tape for screening

Get rid of excess background – shield the guitar. Insulating adhesive tape with AliExpress will help you.

The price: 195 rubles.

A pickup with a tuner and an equalizer

Piezo pickup with volume adjustment, built-in tuner, equalizer and phase switch.

The price: 877 rubles.


Caline Orange Burst

Overdrive for electric guitar: adds a gain, increases the volume margin. Well cope with the role of “warmer” for a tube combo amplifier.

The price: 1 442 rubles.

Daphon Volume Pedal

The volume control pedal decorates your game with smooth buildups and signal attenuation. Connection patch for effects in the kit.

The price: 1 790 rubles.

Nux Time Core

Multifunctional delay pedal with the ability to save settings, loop machine, tap-tempo and a bunch of modes.

The price: 2 645 rubles.

Caline Shake Bite

The budgetary reverb pedal with flexible settings will give your game atmospheric. Great for post-rock and ambient music.

The price: 2 329 rubles.

Kokko FOD3

Another pedal overload with a good sound for its price.

The price: 1 041 ruble.

Nux MG-200

Multifunctional effects processor with a bunch of presets, built-in drum machine and a looper. Unlike individual pedals, it emulates the whole chain of effects.

The price: 5 357 rubles.

Ammoon AP-09

A budgetary loop machine that supports the ability to record an unlimited number of loops with a total length of up to 10 minutes. The device is controlled using a single button and a potentiometer of volume.

The price: 1 913 rubles.


Instrument cable with angled plug

A three-meter instrumental monocable. Angle plug – for the durability of the socket into which it is inserted.

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The price: 429 rubles.

Connection Patches

Connecting cables for effects in a beautiful winding.

Price: 177 rubles for one patch.

Power supply with splitter

A 9 V power supply is suitable for most effect pedals. The splitter in the kit allows you to connect up to three devices. You can choose a suitable plug.

The price: 439 rubles.

Radio System

Connect the radio system to your guitar and experience all the joys of free movement around the stage. The claimed range is 30 meters.

The price: 2 218 rubles.

Caline Tuner-Power

The pedal tuner will help you to adjust the guitar, and the power outputs will allow you to power up 8 more devices. All outputs have a voltage of 9 V, six of them produce a current of 100 mA, two – 500 mA.

The price: 2 218 rubles.

Instrument cable

A budget instrumental cable with a winding resembling the power cords of Soviet irons.

The price: 345 rubles.

Connector patch set

A set of six colored corner patches. Cheap and angry.

The price: 375 rubles.

Power Supply

A compact and inexpensive power supply that will occupy a vacant seat in your board. The adapter has 10 isolated outputs: eight to 9 V and one to 12 V and 18 V.

The price: 1 659 rubles.

Miniature Connection Patches

Connecting patches for effect pedals, saving a precious place in the board.

Price: 222 rubles for one patch.

Luper for parallel connection of effects

Dual Looper allows you to quickly switch between effects chains. This can come in handy with a lot of pedals, when in a moment you need to turn on or turn off a few lotions.

The price: 1 459 rubles.

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Corner patches with flat plugs

Connecting cables are more versatile than miniature patches without wires. Flat plugs help save space in the board.

Price: 219 rubles for one patch.



Capotrack will help to improve the system without resorting to reconfiguring the pins.

The price: 90 rubles.

Cover for singles

Plastic overlays for singles and potentiometers for fans of tuning your instrument. In the presence of 11 color solutions.

The price: 201-238 rubles.

Board for effect pedals

A capacious board for pedals. For an insignificant surcharge, the option of ordering a coffer under the board is available. In the kit all the necessary Velcro and ties.

Price: 2 796 rubles (without a bag) – 3 380 rubles (with a bag).

Velcro tape

Velcro tape for fixing lotions in the board.

The price: 251 ruble.

Guitar stand

Inexpensive floor holder for tools.

The price: 672 rubles.

Wall mount for guitar

Hanger for a guitar at an attractive price.

The price: 175 rubles.


Transparent slider, which will help your guitar to sound in a new way.

The price: 87 rubles.

 Inserts for fixing the belt

Holes in the guitar belts over time lose their elasticity and wear out. Rubber liners will contribute to a more reliable fixation of the old belt.

Price: 251 rubles for eight inserts.


Radical and, perhaps, the most reliable solution to the problem of securing the belt.

Price: 111 rubles for one rapid.

Pickanger for Telecaster

Cover plates for Telecaster models at an attractive price.

The price: 200-254 rubles.

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