Telegram-bot Voicy turns voice into text

First of all, the bot suggests choosing a language and an engine that will convert speech into text. The default is It recognizes voice messages well, however, their length should not exceed 50 seconds.

With the / engine command, you can select a different engine. Yandex.SpeechKit does not limit you in time, but it detects words worse. Also there is a paid Google Speech. He is the best at coping with voice conversion and does not limit the length of audio files.

In addition to voice messages, the bot can convert audio files stored in the phone.

If you add the bot to the group, Voicy will immediately convert all voice messages to text. For convenience, you can turn silent mode on by sending a command / silent, – and the bot will stop reporting that it starts to recognize the text.

To disable the bot in the chat, there is a command / files.

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