Integram will add Slack functionality to Telegram

The other day a free service for the organization of work of companies and developers, Slack announced a hacking, which occurred in February 2015. It is known that intruders had unauthorized access to a database of users for about four days. At the moment, their access to the system is already blocked, but for someone it can become a serious argument for switching to two-factor authentication or alternatives searching for a tool for solving similar problems.

In such circumstances, the release of Integram proved to be very useful. In fact, it’s just a specially programmed user-bot Telegram, which you need to add to the chat of your group. After that, you will receive an automatic message with instructions and a universal link for further customization.

Integram so far works only with GitHub, BitBucket and Trello. In the future, developers promise to implement support for more third-party services. To configure the same sending of alerts to Telegram that in Trello some cards have changed or new ones have been added, it is possible in two clicks.

The release of Integram did not go unnoticed by the developers of Telegram. Coincidence, but on the same day the company submitted an update for the beta version of its client for OS X, which solved the problem of inviting contacts into the chat on their user. If, however, you have not yet received the update, or if this function does not work in your messenger client, then in order to add @integram, you will first need to create a private dialog and write any message there. In response you will receive the contact details of the service that you need to transfer to your contact list.

Considering regular improvements and innovations, simplicity, convenience, cloud storage function, group chat capabilities and many other advantages, Telegram in conjunction with Integram is inferior to Slack mainly by the number of supported third-party services. Integram already announced the openness of its API, which means that their list will soon be supplemented with new names.

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