4 Chrome extensions that instantly translate the selected text

1. LinguaLeo English Translator

Besides translation, LinguaLeo English Translator displays the transcription of words and illustrations to them. The extension is able to voice the original text using a speech synthesizer. Best of all, it works with individual words or phrases, showing several translation options. But he also can translate not too voluminous fragments of the text.

LinguaLeo English Translator

This translator is part of the online service LinguaLeo, which helps to learn English vocabulary. Therefore, LinguaLeo English Translator has one weighty advantage. You can save selected words and phrases, then memorize them with vocabulary cards and special exercises on the site or in the service applications. On the other hand, the extension translates only from English.

To see the window with the result, you can select the text and call LinguaLeo English Translator through the context menu. But if you need to translate one word, just double-click on it with the left mouse button. The extension also supports call translation with hot keys.

2. “Google Translator”

If you do not know, Google Translator also has an extension for Chrome. It supports a lot of languages ​​and it copes well with both individual words, showing several variants of translation, and with long texts.

Google Translate

“Google Translator” defines the original language automatically (although not as accurately as one would like). With the built-in speech synthesizer, you can listen to the approximate pronunciation of words.

Depending on the settings, the extension displays the translation immediately after one of the user actions: selecting text, clicking on the corresponding button on the toolbar or clicking on the icon that appears near the selected text.

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3. Reverso Context

Unlike other translators, the Reverso Context extension does not interpret phrases verbatim with algorithms. Instead, it searches the web for relevant translations of finished translations made by people, and produces them as results. And since no algorithm understands the context as well as a human being, Reverso Context often bypasses competitors when it comes to complex speech turns.

Reverso Context

Words and short phrases expansion translates into a pop-up window. But if you select a lot of words, then the application will redirect you to a separate site, where it will translate them into a regular online translator and without taking into account the context. Reverso Context supports more than 12 languages, including English and Russian, and is able to determine the original language automatically.

Call the window with the translation of the selected word or phrase through the context menu. After that, the Reverso Context will display the results along with the usage examples. The extension can voice the speech, store the translation history and include a dictionary in which you can save your favorite results to view them in applications or on the Reverso Context website.

4. ImTranslator

ImTranslator combines several translators: Google, Bing and its own. You can switch between them using the three tabs that are displayed in the pop-up window. Thus, the user receives at once three different translations of the selected text.


ImTranslator recognizes many languages ​​and determines the original language automatically. The extension is able to voice the speech, stores the history of the results and translates both individual words and phrases, as well as long fragments of the text.

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You can call up the window with the translation of necessary words using hot keys (having previously assigned them in the settings) or a button that appears after the selection of the fragment. To translate one word, just double-click on it with the mouse.

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