How to monitor the discounts on Steam

If you, like me, are a game lover, then the word Steam should make you feel good. Steam is the most convenient and popular place to buy games on PC. Prices for games on Steam are quite loyal, plus there are frequent discounts and sales. And today you will learn how to follow all of them.

Summer sale on Steam (Steam Summer Sale)


This sale is just a paradise for game lovers. It starts in mid-July and provides huge discounts on games of all types. Another plus of the summer sale is that it extends not only to old games, but also to new releases. Sometimes discounts reach 90%.

Discounts for the summer sale are divided into 3 types:

  1. general (store-wide discount) – the smallest, but apply to all games released over the past six months
  2. daily (daily deals) – impressive discounts on various games for 24-48 hours
  3. instant (flash sales) – the biggest discounts that last no more than 12 hours

Now it is clear that if you want to save the maximum amount of money, then it is worth buying games in the summer during the sale.



SteamGameSales is a site that aggregates discounts from various stores, including Steam, GamersGate, GameStop and others. You can choose which sources to include in the search, price limits and much more. The service also allows you to select the desired region for greater accuracy. In this case, you will not see discounts that are not available for your region.

The site has a nice interface with an intuitive search. Do not forget that if you need discounts only with Steam, then you should remove the remaining sources from the search.



Like SteamGameSales, SteamPrices monitors discounts for games, but specializes only in Steam. You can also select the desired region and sort the games by type (DLC, individual games, packs), as well as the best discounts, novelty and price.

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SlickDeals is one of the best sites for tracking discounts on all types of products, including electronics, clothing and services. The site has a separate section for discounts on Steam, where users can post discounts in real time. Each post is ranked by the rating system by other users to prove its usefulness.

The advantage of SlickDeals is that you do not need to keep track of discounts and prices. Everything has already been done for you, and if you create an account, you will be able to receive notifications of current discounts.



Many consider CheapAssGamer (CAG) the best aggregator of game discounts, and it knowingly has such a reputation. CAG is a forum where users post a huge amount of actual discounts, but the site has functions that will help you easily and quickly choose the best ones.

Price Tracker is a feature of the site that shows all discounts in all gaming stores, including Steam, Amazon, The Hut and others. However, if you want to search only for discounts on Steam, then this resource loses to others, as it specializes in searching for all gaming stores.

As you can see, there are many ways to buy games on Steam. In order to wait for the necessary discounts, you will have to apply a little patience, but as soon as you find them, you will be much more pleasant than with a regular purchase, and your wallet will say thank you!

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