How to properly cut people in the photo

If you crop a photo that contains people, be careful. After all, you can cut so much of the excess (in your opinion, superfluous)! In order not to incinerate a photo-garden from ineptly chopped pictures, we offer you a small cheat sheet. It illustrates the places that can be “sprinkled” on the photo, and which – it’s better not worth it.

Green lines are permissible areas for pruning. With objects marked with red lines, it is better not to communicate.

For example, if you do not crop the photo above the elbow, you should leave your elbows, wrists and hands in your picture completely. If you look closely, you can catch the law – you can not cut off in the joints. The exception is the knees, but the illustration still recommends trimming the photo just above the knees.

Photo cutting: guide how to properly cut people in photos

Apply this picture in practice and see for yourself that the quality of photos (even cropped) will improve. The main thing is to observe the sense of proportion – so that people in the edited photo do not look amputated. Save yourself this photo cheat sheet, which is useful for you when editing images, and when shooting.