TV aerial from beer cans

Hi Liffokers! We publish the next high level of our electronic mini-magazine about useful gadgets, unusual concepts, the future and the present. Before you, that rare instruction, to begin work with which you can not read it to the end. First, prepare two cans of beer …

Antenna from beer cans

Very often there is a situation where a regular TV antenna does not accept the broadcast channels. This can happen at a picnic, at the cottage, in a rural manor. And in a city apartment, especially in old houses, reception is not always ideal because of the load mismatch and the common antenna in the house.

And meanwhile, even the most lazy and understanding nothing in technology a person can in 10 minutes, literally from garbage, make a real TV antenna, the quality of its work, comparable to industrial designs. It happens that it works even better than the purchase one – it catches more channels and provides a better picture quality. It’s all the more surprising that the antenna consists of just … empty beer cans.

Tools and materials:

• two empty beer cans
• tape or tape
• two self-tapping screws
• Antenna cable
• plug
• stick
• screwdriver

Step 1

Banks are tied to a stick with tape or tape.

We fix banks to a stick with scotch tape

Step 2

Screws are screwed into the cans, and the ends of the cable are cleaned and screwed to the screws.

The end of the cable is screwed onto the self-tapping screw

Step 3

Cable with tape or tape for strength is tied to a stick.
The antenna is ready!
You can use a wooden hanger instead of a stick, then you can hang the antenna somewhere.

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Instead of a stick, you can use a hanger

For a good reception, it is desirable to select the distance between the banks experimentally, but on average it is about 70 mm.
If the tongues are not torn off the cans, the antenna cable can be attached directly to them using a screw and a nut with a washer.

When installing the antenna in the street, it will be exposed to various atmospheric factors such as rain, snow, wind, etc. In this case, in order to rigidity and tightness of the entire structure, both cans can be placed in a large plastic bottle of beer, having previously cut off the bottom and neck. For the cable in the middle of the resulting cylinder, it is necessary to pierce the hole, which after the connection must be scalded with hot water. The plastic of the bottle deforms and seals the hole.

It should be noted that the scope for creativity in the field of amateur antenna construction is almost unlimited. Proof of this are the photos below.

Advanced antenna with several sections

This long-known design, was made from cans from under peas

Do not make such an antenna in one day, it is harmful to the liver! @photo

Perhaps, banks from different types of beer take the signal in different ways. We suggest readers to find out this issue on their own, after having tasted the contents of the cans (a joke, of course)! Pleasant creativity!

What are the ways use of beer improve the signal you know?

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P.S. The author had the last photo, that’s what he writes: “Several years ago, waiting for the match between Liverpool and Arsenal, I was disappointed that the wind had carried the antenna. Thought worked quickly, helped the jars of beer from the then-title sponsor of my team Liverpool company “Karlsberg”, stored for some reason :))) “

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