How to choose a multitool: a short step-by-step guide

Readers of the Lifehacker are already familiar with the multitool. Recall that the multitool is an indispensable tool that can help you out in the most unexpected situations. The choice of the multi-tulle should be approached carefully and deliberately – by acquiring “not your” superthule, you can not taste all the charm of its use. Here are some simple tips to help you choose the right multitool for you.

Step 1. Let’s get acquainted with compact multitools

Imagine: you stroll along the beach, enjoy life and sun, and at the most beautiful moment of your sunglasses, a screw suddenly falls out. Do not worry, your multitool has every opportunity to cope with this misunderstanding. Although stop, a minute. What multitool? You should have left him at home, just imagine: he weighs as much as two pounds, and besides in your swimsuit there are no pockets.

Morality: a multitool will do you good service only if you are ready to carry it with you all the time. Of course, it’s cool when you have 27 tools “in one bottle,” but if this weapon is not at your disposal all the time, it’s not good enough from him. The first step in the acquisition of a multitool is to find out which supertule you can always take with you without experiencing any inconvenience. Fortunately, in this case there are several options.

Multi-keychain: the main advantage is a compact size. Carrying it with yourself will not be difficult. The most universal example is the Leatherman Squirt PS4.

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Pocket multitool: more and heavier than his “key brother”, but still fits in your pants pocket or purse. Nippers, scissors, pliers, saws – this is not a complete set of tools that are part of the pocket multitool. Compactness and multifunctionality – that’s what characterizes this weapon best. The brightest representative of the pocket family is Leatherman Juice.

Multitulus on the lace: it’s a tandem from a file, screwdriver, sewn and not only. The main advantage of such a multitool is a ring that helps to securely fix the multitool on the cord. This will very much help you if you have to work in an uncomfortable position. In addition, now you definitely will not lose your multifunctional tool. Such a convenient and reliable multitool is SOG, B61 PowerLock.

Step 2. We find out why we need a multitool

Aleksandra Kovac /
Aleksandra Kovac /

Do you want to repair a bicycle? Repair your glasses? Adjust the mechanism in the clock? Make a list of “repair work” that you plan to perform, and also write down emergency situations in which your multitool can help. Do not deviate from the plan when you come to the store: you only need that supertule, which will be able to best satisfy your above-mentioned requests.

Step 3. Compare the multitool and conventional tools

Here it is important to determine for yourself whether you need a multitool as a means of self-defense, as a fashionable and beautiful attribute or as an indispensable multi-purpose tool in everyday life. In the first and second cases, the choice is obvious – the multitool is beyond competition. He, no doubt, looks less terrifying than a saw in his right hand, a hunting knife in his left and a bottle opener in his teeth. He is an excellent means of self-defense in emergency situations.

A multi-tool is also indispensable for motorcyclists and cyclists, in a hike, fishing, at the dacha. The list can be continued for a long time.

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But if you are engaged in large-scale technical work, then in this case the multitool is inferior to the “grandfather’s” suitcase with tools. Remember that multitools are kind of “emergency room” and help in emergency situations, in the field, but they are not tools for everyday laborious work in the workshop.

Step 4. Avoid low-quality products

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers with a clear conscience approach the configuration of multitools. Some auxiliary tools in the multitool are of such low quality that they are practically useless. A bright example is a flashlight: many users note its extremely low power. And they are convinced of this, as a rule, somewhere at night on a deaf road, and in addition with a broken car.

There are two ways out of this situation. First: to discard the false economy and buy a normally functioning flashlight, which will become a wonderful “free” addition to your multi-tutorial. Option two: buy branded multi-tools, whose manufacturers cherish the quality and reputation of their products.

Step 5. We study the market of multitools and choose the one that suits us

There are a lot of different multi-tools, I will give a few examples.

Leatherman MUT – An ideal tool for people who are not indifferent to small arms. Has an impressive bundle, which makes it indispensable in many situations.

Leatherman Micra – a very curious multitool, multifunctional, despite its small size. Can be used as a manicure set: it has in its arsenal a nail file and tweezers.

Leatherman Skeletool – known for its attractive design and ease, is actively used by athletes.

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Leatherman Kick – Excellent for tourists and cyclists: safety ring allows you to securely fix the instrument, for example, on the strap of a backpack.

Of course, one word does not convey all the functionality of the multitools. To fully understand their usefulness, you need at least once to use the superinstrument yourself. Or maybe you already have experience of using a multitool? Share it in the comments.

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