How to copy music to the iPhone bypassing iTunes


If you have a lot of music, podcasts and other digital content, then it’s very difficult to put things in order in the iTunes library. But to destroy the created idyll is easy. This is due to the peculiarity of adding new songs to the iPhone, which implies their inevitable saving to the main library of iTunes. This approach makes sense when we form our collection, which we will store for a long time. But what if you just need to listen to 5-7 tracks of unknown performers on the recommendation of a friend? Do not contaminate this “good” with your favorite media library! There is an exit. You can avoid copying music to the iTunes library using a simple technique that allows you to move media files directly to iPhone memory.

Connect the iPhone, open it in the sidebar of iTunes and go to the “Overview” tab. Here, we need to enable the “Process music and video manually” option, it is located at the very bottom of the window.


Actually, that’s all 🙂 Now, open the folder with music in the Finder and drag it into iTunes, but (importantly!) Not in the “Mediatech”, namely in the “Devices” menu.


For convenience, you should enable the sidebar, which is hidden by default in iTunes, starting with the 10th version. By the indicator of synchronization in the status bar of iPhone, you will understand that everything turned out.


From now on, the music will be stored in the iPhone memory until you remove it from there.

Screenshot of 2013-09-02 at 22.41.32

Naturally, you can copy music in this way either via USB or via wi-fi (it’s convenient if you need to transfer a couple of tracks).

This trick is useful when you have limited disk space on your computer (actual for Air’s owners), if you use different computers, or if you store a music collection on external media.