12 ways to increase the battery life of the gadget on iOS 9

The first thing you remember when it comes to the autonomy of tablets and smartphones after the update is the energy-saving mode. Nevertheless, we collected 11 more ways to increase the battery life of gadgets on iOS 9.

Power Saving Mode

I specifically started with the most obvious, but at the same time one of the most effective ways to extend the running time of the iPhone. This option is available only for smartphones and automatically performs all those actions that users have always done on their own to save a few minutes of work on a low charge.

It’s about disabling some visual effects and animations, automatic downloads, updates in the background. I advise you to keep it on immediately after a full charge, if the day is tense, and charging at hand may not be.

Find the Most Voracious Apps

In iOS 8 appeared a useful section with statistics of consumption by applications of the charge of the battery. With the update, this section was made even clearer by adding a switch that displays statistics based on the running time.

The scheme is simple: click on the icon with the clock, we find the most gluttonous programs and stop using them when the level of charge drops to the critical level.

Closely follow the applications that use geolocation

In the section “Geolocation Services” you can find many interesting things. For example, the fact that the dictionary installed by you or Facebook-client constantly use the data of your location.

Disable geolocation access to applications that do not need it explicitly, at the very least – leave the option “When using the program”.

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Turn off Bluetooth

Basically Bluetooth practically does not consume battery power, but, like any wireless protocol, it constantly searches for devices for pairing.

The advice suggests itself: include it only if necessary.

Revise the widgets

Widgets are definitely a useful option for notification blinds. Nevertheless, this section is often clogged with unnecessary add-ons of applications that can use geolocation data or update content in the background, consuming a charge.

Leave the necessary widgets, remove unnecessary, and your smartphone will live at least half an hour longer.

Disable automatic application updates

Getting the latest information every time you open an application is a valuable feature of iOS. Nevertheless, it requires an Internet connection, and this is automatically converted into tens of minutes of battery life of your gadget, especially in the conditions of using cellular communication.

Disconnect, without hesitation, in the section “Updating content”.

The abundance of animation in vain consumes the battery

Parallax, which adds depth to the wallpaper, zoom effect every time you open a folder and application – all this creates a wow effect in the first week of using iOS.

Believe me, the included “Reduce motion” option will not make iOS less attractive, but it will save battery power.

Go through the settings of the “Universal access” section

“Shades of gray” – hardcore users who are trying to increase their working time and are ready to put up with a black and white interface.

“Increase the contrast” – there you can remove transparency and lower the point of white to reduce the intensity of bright colors.

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“Vibration” – turn off the slider if you perfectly live with the usual melodies and sounds of notifications.

Disable auto-update

In iOS 7, users were relieved of the need to constantly monitor the section with updates to the App Store – all new items were downloaded automatically in the background.

I think we should not remind that this affects autonomy.

Decrease brightness

I am personally acquainted with people whose brightness of smartphones, tablets and laptops is always twisted to the maximum. Such wastefulness burns the eyes in the dark and consumes the resources of the battery.

Check the settings of your device and, if necessary, reduce the brightness to the optimum – you can always change it in the quick shutter curtain.

Give up the “live photo” as wallpaper

Firstly, this applies only to the owners of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and secondly, the difference in battery consumption compared to conventional wallpaper will not be so significant. Nevertheless, milliseconds are combined in seconds and minutes, and this can cost several percent of the charge. Disconnect when absolutely necessary.

The disabled 3D Touch will also save a few minutes of work

You have to be a complete idiot to suggest disabling the key function of the new iPhone, but when it comes to emergencies – bear this in mind.

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