How to set up automatic translation in mobile browsers


If you have Google Translator installed on your device, you can use the function of translating selected text in any application, including browsers.

Google Chrome

In Chrome, by default, there is the option of automatically translating sites into the interface language using the Google service. If it is disabled, go to Settings → Advanced → Site Settings → Google Translate and activate the translation. A request will be displayed at the bottom of the pages in foreign languages. In order for Chrome to always translate sites in a specific language, you must enable the “Always translate …” option. Google Translator supports 103 languages.

Yandex browser

On Android-devices, this mobile browser translates sites into the interface language by the user’s command. To do this, go to the menu and click “Translate page”. You can select another language in the left panel during the translation. 94 languages ​​are available in Yandex.Translator.


If you use this mobile browser, you will need to install an extension to translate the pages, for example Tap Translate. It will translate the selected text into any of the available languages ​​(Russian is supported).



This browser does not have a built-in function for translating pages, but you can install special extensions.

Yandex translate

To use this add-on inside Safari, you must first download the Yandex.Translator application and activate the extension in the Share → More menu in the browser. For convenience, you can drag the “Translator” above in the action list.

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Translate for Safari

This add-on needs to be downloaded and activated in “Share” → “More” – the same as “Yandex.Translator”. Translate for Safari suggests making a translation or reading aloud the Internet pages. Both actions occur not in the browser, but in the application itself, which may not be very convenient. But it supports more than 100 languages.

Microsoft Translator

The same can be done with the application from Microsoft. In the settings you will need to choose which language to translate into Safari. In total, the application supports more than 60 languages. Selecting the text on the translated page, you will see its original version.

Google Chrome

The ability to automatically translate sites offers a Chrome browser for iOS. He uses Google Translator with 103 languages. By default, the browser suggests translating pages into the interface language. If this does not happen, you need to enable the function in the Settings menu → Advanced → Content settings → Google Translate. To translate from a specific language without queries, click “Always translate …”.


This browser is designed specifically for translating sites and is suitable, for example, for students of a foreign language. In it you can search for the meaning of words in the built-in dictionaries and play the text to learn the pronunciation.

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