10 books that will help a month to learn new skills

1. “Speed ​​reading”, Peter Kamp

It seems like reading a book a day is unreal. But with the technique of Kamp any man can learn to read at least three times faster. All ingenious is simple: the essence of Kamp’s technique is that the hand is used as an indicator of reading speed. In total, the course will take six weeks.

The author pays much attention to the degree of understanding of what has been read, which is no less important. Not only will you learn to read quickly, but you will also understand how to grasp the main information on the fly.

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2. “How to put things in order”, David Allen

Having mastered the principles of the GTD methodology, you will learn how to manage your affairs and finish them on time, without any anxiety. GTD is applicable both at work and at home.

If you’ve never heard of the GTD system, read our instructions for beginners. And those who have already heard, but do not represent how to apply the principles of productive work in practice, we advise not to postpone reading the main book of Allen.

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3. “Foreign for adults”, Roger Croesus, Richard Roberts

Of course, to learn for a month in perfection any foreign language – a task unaffordable. But in this book you will not find the grammar of any specific languages.

Cognitive psychologists Roger Crees and Richard Roberts talk about the main approaches to the study of languages, depending on age and memory characteristics. And also tell how to make the learning process the most effective.

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4. “The author, scissors, paper”, Nikolai V. Kononov

The editor-in-chief of The Secret of the Firm and the author of the books The Code of Durov and God Without a Machine shares his 14-step method, which helps beginners learn to write better. He intelligibly explains the principles of working with different texts – articles, slogans, longrids, essays. The book helps a lot to put things in order in your head and on specific examples explains how it’s better to write.

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5. “Take a picture every day,” Susan Tuttle

The most useful master class for young photographers. Tuttle not only shares his experience, but also explains in detail all the professional terminology and principles of good pictures – portraits, landscapes, photos of food or animals. Separate plus – for parsing the theme of mobile photography, because now, and smart phones allow you to make high-quality professional shots.

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6. “You can draw in 30 days,” Mark Kistler

Doing only 20 minutes a month, you can draw any objects – buildings, portraits, geometric shapes. The main rule is one – classes should be regular.

Kistler, a world-famous drawing teacher, explains the basic principles of creating depth in the image, perspective, lighting. In addition, here you will find step-by-step instructions and will be able to compare your work with the pictures of other students.

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7. “Presentations in the TED style”, Carmine Gallo

Gallo interviewed TED speakers, analyzed hundreds of speeches and made recommendations based on personal experience so that you could conduct the same vivid and memorable performance as the conference is famous for. The secret is in nine receptions that will help to surprise the audience and bring their ideas to it.

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8. “The lessons of improvisation”, Patricia Madson

The ability to improvise is useful not only for actors and musicians on stage. Patricia Madson, an acting teacher with 30 years of experience, is convinced that the habit of improvising in any circumstances greatly changes the way of life. You will stop being afraid to try new things, you will be more likely to perceive unexpected problems, you will be able to respond faster to changes in plans.

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9. “Pirogovedenie for Beginners”, Irina Chadeeva

The ability to bake a delicious pie is an extremely useful skill. Especially it will please your friends and family. Irina Chadeyeva talks about all the stages of preparing the perfect baking from the very basics – the types of dough and fillings, the calculation of ingredients, the selection of additional equipment. All this – with visual and beautiful photos. Of course, the book has many excellent recipes, which even a novice pirogist can cope with.

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10. “What am I talking about when I talk about running,” Haruki Murakami

This is not a running textbook, although in the narrative you will find useful rules. Rather, it is a story about personal experience and an inspirational story of Murakami’s sincere love for a constant movement. This book will give the right incentive charge, if you are thinking about going for a run, but for some reason all the time you put it off.

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