Skyload – an easy way to download music from YouTube, “VKontakte” and “Yandex.Muzyki”

We have repeatedly written about how to download music from YouTube and “VKontakte.” However, Skyload’s expansion outperforms almost all of the tools that we’ve seen before. Its main advantages are universality (except for VKontakte and YouTube, it also works with Odnoklassniki, Yandex.Muzyka, Vimeo) and ease of use.

Skyload and Yandex.Music

After installing the extension, a new button with a Skyload icon will appear on the corresponding browser panel. To download music you just need to open a page of one of the supported services and click on this button. You will see an extension window in which you will see a list of multimedia files (audio and video) on this page. Click on the track you are interested in, and then its download will start. It is very convenient that you can immediately see the bitrate and size of the downloaded file.

If you need to download several songs at once, you can go into multiboot mode. There is a function of multiple selection of files and their streaming download. In addition, the Skyload extension adds a download button to the “VKontakte”, “Odnoklassniki” and “Yandex.Muzyki” pages. It appears when you hover your mouse over any musical composition. Here’s how it looks.

Skyload and VKontakte

The situation with downloading content from YouTube is a bit more complicated. No, Skyload extends this task easily, but Google condemns such actions, which is why the extension was removed several times from the Chrome Web Store. As a result, Chrome users have lost this feature. However, there is a way out. A little poshamaniv, you can install in the Google browser extension from the directory Opera or “Yandex.” Then the download from YouTube will work in Google Chrome.

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Skyload and YouTube

In general, from the use of Skyload, I had exceptionally pleasant impressions. It completely copes with the task, it looks good and very convenient. The extension is often updated, its creator listens to user reviews and works on adding support for other music services.

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