The most useful bookmarklets for your browser

As Wikipedia says, bookmarklet is a small script that performs various useful functions right in your browser. It looks like a normal link that you can save to your browser’s bookmarks, and then access it at any time if necessary. Typically, “bookmark bookmark” means simply dragging a link from a web page to the bookmarks bar of your browser. Below you will find a list of the most useful bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even IE.

The use of bookmarklets may interest us for the following reasons.

First, most often, bookmarklets perform similar or even completely identical functions as the “proprietary” extensions of many services, but they do not burden the browser and take up space in RAM. Therefore, if the service you are using suggests that you choose between a special extension and a paper sheet, you’d better choose the latter. And secondly, bookmarklets are universal and can work in any browser, so if the required extension for your program does not exist yet, then you can search for the corresponding bookmarklet.


Some sites to increase the number of views divide their articles into parts, forcing the user each time to click the Next button to continue. Bookmark PageZipper can “stitch” these pages into one sheet, loading the continuation in the background. It also works great on various forums and on search engine pages.

Bitly Bitmarklet

Forwarding a friend or publishing a link somewhere is not at all difficult – you just need to copy the address from the address bar of the browser and insert it where necessary. However, some web pages have such a catchy three-story address that it just does not climb into any gates. Help to bring the link in a decent form can special services. This bookmarklet allows you to shorten the address of the currently open page with just one click.

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Gmail This!

If you want to send an e-mail link to an open page, but the webmaster did not take care of this feature, then this bookmarklet will come to the rescue. One click and a new Gmail message opens with a pop-up topic in the pop-up window, and you only need to specify the recipient’s address.


This bookmarklet allows you to share a web page almost anywhere. The service supports almost all currently known social networks, bookmark collectors and content collection systems, including, of course, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, Springpad, Diigo and many others.


Extensions for cleaning the web page help to comfortably read the text, without being distracted by advertising banners, navigation elements and other unnecessary elements. The Clippable bookmarklet does this and is very successful. Using the arrow keys, you can switch between several formatting styles, and pressing Esc will return the original page view.


Service Readability, strictly speaking, was the main source from which the popularity of numerous tools for comfortable reading began. Since then, modest research development has turned into a powerful commercial service, but access to its basic capabilities can still be obtained free of charge. Including using a special bookmarklet.


This bookmarklet also serves to clean up the web page from unnecessary elements, but for a completely different purpose. If you need to print a page of the site, but the author did not provide a special version for printing, then the easiest way to use this tool. With it, you can delete only the blocks you do not need, leaving the necessary ones, for example, a header with the title of the site. Then with one click we send the “corrected” page for printing.

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The need to save the page in PDF format can arise before you for its compact archiving or in the event that you want to read it for example on the electronic reader. The Joliprint bookmarklet allows not only any page to be converted to PDF, but also gives it a completely “magazine” appearance, that is, it removes all unnecessary text, divides it into columns, inserts images into a template, and so on.

Google Translation

In the network there are dozens of different extensions for browsers that allow you to translate web pages from one language to another. However, it is not necessary to install them at all, you can simply use a special bookmarklet from the Google Translate service. Select the translation direction and drag the corresponding link to the bookmarks bar.


If you need to quickly find the address found on the map, then the Bookmaplet booklet will come to your aid. You just need to allocate the address on any page and after clicking on the bookmarklet, a pop-up window with a map will be displayed where the desired place will be marked.

And what useful bookmarklets do you use? Share with us in the comments!

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