10 Reasons to Switch to Yandex.Browser

1. New interface

“Yandex.Browser”, unlike so many favorite Chrome, offers more opportunities for fans of customization. Let’s start with the fact that it uses a new interface called “Cousteau”. It supports the translucence of elements, the placement of tabs from above or below, color tabs that adjust to the color of the page being viewed.

But the most important thing is that this interface is actively developing: every new version of the program can detect some changes. In comparison with the frozen in time Chrome “Yandex.Browser” looks much more alive and promising.

2. Integration with Yandex services

Yandex browser, integration with Yandex services

If you are an active user of “Yandex” services, then it is quite logical to choose a browser from the same company. Moreover, the developers have provided everything necessary to make you feel comfortable. The program has a number of functions and add-ons that make it easier to work with search, cloud storage, maps, music service and other projects from Yandex.

3. Built-in ad blocker

Yandex browser, adblocker

Without advertising, many sites simply can not exist, it’s obvious. At the same time, some are so misused by advertisements that users simply have to install banners cutters.

The creators of “Yandex.Browser” offer a compromise solution to this problem. The default adblocker is disabled by default, but if ads on a site are too annoying for you, you can activate it. Thus, ads on a particular site (or even only individual banners) will be blocked, and not on the whole Internet.

4. Security

yandex browser, security

Security is a special item in the list of advantages of Yandex.Browser. It seems that the developers have set a goal to create the most secure browser in the world and confidently advance to it.

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Along with the technologies already familiar to us in other web browsers, Yandex.Browser also has a kind of built-in antivirus called Yandex Protect Service. He monitors the sites and files being downloaded in real time, protects personal data, and prevents changes to critical components of the program. More information about this technology can be found here.

5. The “turbo” mode

In “Yandex.Browser” there is almost the same mode for slow connections, as in Opera. When you enable it, the content of the pages, including the video, is compressed on the servers of “Yandex” and only then transferred to the browser. This allows you to speed up loading pages and save your traffic.

6. Built-in set of add-ons

Yandex.Browser 5

Most readers of the Lifehacker are experienced users, so it is easy for them to install any required extension. However, many ordinary people do not even know what browser extensions are and where to look for them. It was for them in the “Yandex.Browser” included a set of the most necessary additions. It is enough to open the settings, activate the necessary ones – and you can immediately go to surf the Internet.

7. Buttons in the search bar

Yandex.Browser 6

A small, but very convenient chip. In the most recent versions of the program, a button appears in the address bar, allowing you to instantly go to the main page. You do not need to understand the jungles of navigation on the site, one click – and you’re there. And when you select the address of the page, two more buttons appear, with which you can copy it, send it by email or share it on social networks.

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8. Synchronization with mobile programs

Now it is difficult to find a person who has only one digital device. Usually everyone has at least two or three: desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet. “Yandex.Browser” not only has versions for all platforms, but also synchronizes between them. This synchronizes passwords, bookmarks, history, settings for the start page and extensions.

9. “Scoreboard”

Yandex.Browser 7

The start page of the browser is called “Scoreboard”. It contains tiles of frequently visited sites, links to history, extensions, applications and a search string. It is possible to set your wallpaper or choose from the available in the program – static or animated. In general, this element of “Yandex.Browser” looks very stylish and modern. Esthetes like it.

10. Quick answers, translator and currency converter

Yandex.Browser 8

In Yandex.Browser, by default, there are many convenient chips, which in other web browsers can be implemented only with the help of additional extensions. For example, a built-in context translator and currency converter. But especially I liked the help hint, explaining the meaning of the selected word.

Have you ever used Yandex.Browser? And how impressions?