Top 10 Strategies for the iPhone

It is impossible to calculate how many strategies were released for iOS devices over the years. It’s hard to even imagine their number, in various variations, with a variety of gameplay, graphics and characters. Turn-based, real-time, economic, Tower Defense and many other favorite games. Let’s try to figure out which of the released strategies for the iPhone are the best.

Anomaly 2

Anomaly 2 is the back of Tower Defense. In this strategy, you play on the side of the attackers and try to get to the goal in every way. Boredom during the game you just do not have to, constantly changing landscapes, unlike each other missions and a lot of diverse alien units will make you break your head, to show wit and speed of reaction. The only drawback of Anomaly 2 is its transience, the developers have provided only 15 levels, which clearly can not quench the thirst of an inveterate gamer.  

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Autumn Dynasty Warlords – a real-time strategy, unfolding in the territory of ancient China. You develop your empire on the lands of one of the feudal lords and, in the final analysis, try to seize all the surrounding possessions. Since the lands are limited, you will have to choose what to focus on, the economy or the military, but, ultimately, the war will still be inevitable. The game is not easy, it will have to be thoroughly scrutinized, after which you will be able to prove to everyone who is the best strategist of Ancient China!

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Eufloria is a deceptively calm, abstract strategic game. In it, you must capture new planets by sending your spores (or seeds) to them. On each of these trees will grow in the future, providing your army with new units. The game will appear calm until you come across another form of life. In light mode, it’s much easier to play, only the most real masters of Eufloria will be to the teeth.  

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a continuation madly loved by me Tower Defense. She is very similar to the first part, with the same cartoon graphics and funny cries. But with this action unfold on new lands, with other towers and monsters, so you now need to learn new opportunities and develop other strategies for fighting.  

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Probably all gamblers have long been familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, so it is not necessary to represent this strategy. A bizarre lawn behind the house, many plants and hordes of zombies wishing to devour the brains of the inhabitants of the house, of course, liked very much. But last year the company released a sequel called Plants vs. Zombies 2. Here you can try your hand at fighting zombies in different time periods, beginning with Ancient Egypt, and ending with the Faraway future.  


Rymdkapsel is a very original real-time strategy, which is based on the minimalist Tetris chart. Here you must develop and expand your possessions, monitor units and rebuff the growing forces of the enemy. The game is really unique in its design and style of play, but it is passed quickly enough that you can partly write down its minuses.  

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XCOM is an attractive strategy in which an elite detachment of secret troops tries to protect the planet from invading aliens. Before each mission, you must carefully consider who to take with you, since the outcome of the operation depends on this. The game has not just won crowds of fans, because it is a truly outstanding creation of the iOS industry.  

Civilization Revolution 2 (Review)

Civilization Revolution 2 – a strategy that allows you to build your empire, starting with a small seedy town. By gathering resources, educating your people in the sciences, culture, military skill and attaching it to religion, you will gradually approach world domination through war or diplomacy. In the second part there appeared the so-known Red Cross and Silicon Valley, the new leaders in the person of John F. Kennedy or Winston Churchill, as well as advanced medicine and information technology.  

First Strike

First Strike is a real-time strategy that revolves around the theme of nuclear domination on Earth. You must invest to improve your defense against attacks by numerous enemies, and build up military power to conquer or destroy other nations. Despite some bleak future, First Strike is distinguished by polished graphics and a very exciting storyline.  

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. – this is another strategy in which you play on the side of the dark forces. Your task is to infect the entire population of the Earth with an unknown virus, from which there is no medicine and no salvation. This is a dark, but very exciting strategy, in which you can play, indeed, for hours.  

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