NeoBook: free books in Russian for iPhone and iPad

NeoBook: free books in Russian for iPhone and iPad

Undoubtedly, reading books on the iPhone, and even more so on the iPad – is very convenient. The main thing is that at hand was a convenient application that allows you to quickly find and download a new book. The free NeoBook application does an excellent job of this task.

The interface of the application is very convenient, so you will easily understand everything. The library of NeoBook presents a lot of the most popular books in Russian. For the convenience of the search, they are divided into genres. More recently, the application has been updated, it added more than 60 new books, and made a convenient search for the title of the book.

From the most interesting in the collection: Steve Jobs by W. Isaacson, Lukyanenko’s fantasy, Pelevin, classics (Russian and foreign), New Watch, Hunger Games, Metro series, children’s books (Aksakov, Volkov, Grimm brothers).

In the “My Books” section, the book covers that you uploaded are displayed.

All books are free and legal. The only thing that can upset you is the ad unit that appears when you start reading. This ad unit is required so that application developers can pay for copyrights. In fact, after a while you get used to it, and stop noticing. But if you are strongly annoyed by such advertising, then for $ 0.99 it can be turned off. Agree, this is not such a big price for an interesting book.

In the book reader mode, the following settings are available (upper panel):

1. View the contents of the book and its bookmarks. To do this, you have to tap on an open book.

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2. Tapping on the letters, you can adjust the size and style and color of the font, the background color.

3. The extreme icon is a bookmark that allows you to lay the current page, you need it if you want to lay a page to later return to it.

At first it may seem that the two bottom lines of each page close the block, which indicates the title of the book and the number of the current page. The problem is solved by Tap on the screen: the upper menu and this block will be curtailed.

Read really comfortable, thanks to the ability to customize the individual parameters of the book (background, font). Of course, it’s better to do this with the iPad, but the iPhone is also quite suitable. So readers of reading, and such, I’m sure, a lot among our readers, the application is recommended for viewing and testing.

Download in the App Store: NeoBook
Price: is free
Requirements: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 4.0+
Developer: Neoline