“Yandex.Navigator” will warn about cameras and road accidents even without route construction

According to Mikhail Vysokovsky, the head of the Yandex automobile navigation group, the innovation will come in handy for those who know the city well, but still need alerts about speeding and dug in the roads. “Especially since the same camera or traffic jam due to an accident can suddenly appear even on a familiar route,” he said.

Yandex Navigator

The service receives data on accidents and road works from drivers. At the same time, you can inform about the event and add it to the map using the voice command “Listen, Yandex. There is an accident. Add a label. “

Information about the location of the cameras comes from different sources, among which are users of the Yandex.Mark editor and drivers who mark the cameras in the navigator. Tags are checked and approved by the company’s employees. Now “Yandex” is aware of 20 thousand cameras.

Warnings about cameras and incidents are available in Yandex.Navigator for iOS and Android. You can enable or disable notifications in the settings.

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