vShare. How to install iOS-based applications for free

Let’s just throw away the moral side of the question about what applications we have to pay for. Of course, it is necessary, to what I call you. And the way of installation, which will be discussed below, is given only for informational purposes. By the end of the article, I will try to explain what are its drawbacks. Perhaps, they will help you to finally make sure that the best way to get paid application is to buy it in the App Store.

Downloading software without payment is possible thanks to the service vShare. This is a Chinese digital store, in which a large number of games and applications from the App Store are available. To connect to this site, you need to use a computer. But after a quick setup vShare allows you to install content without the help of a PC – directly to your mobile device.

How to download applications via vShare service

1. Install the vShare client on the computer

The first step is to install the vShare client on the computer. A link to the program is available on the website of the service. During the installation, the client offers to download additional software like the Opera browser, but this can be discarded.

Before using vShare, it’s best to make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

2. Install the vShare application on your iPhone or iPad

After installing the client on your computer, you need to install the vShare application on your iOS device. It happens automatically, just run vShare on your PC, connect iPhone or iPad to it via USB cable and wait a few seconds. If the installation does not happen automatically, you need to click Install vShare.

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3. Download paid applications from the App Store for free

The vShare application, which appears on the iPhone or iPad after the listed manipulations, is an alternative version of the App Store. It has a search form and categories for navigating the application directory.

To install a program or game from vShare, you need to find it in the directory and click on the Get button. Before downloading the system requires permission, it must be approved. All the games and programs installed in this way appear on the iOS desktop, just like regular applications.


After installing vShare on a mobile device, you can disconnect the latest from the computer and download the software without using a PC. But if the vShare application starts to open the App Store before each download, it’s worth connecting the gadget to the computer again and clicking Reauthorization in the main menu of the vShare client for Windows.

Sometimes programs installed through vShare do not start and the message “Untrusted corporate developer” appears on the screen. In this case, open the “Settings” → “General” → “Profiles and Management. device “, click on the developer of the problematic application, and then select the option” Trust … “.

What disadvantages are there in vShare

  • Installed through vShare applications do not pass the Apple test, and therefore may threaten your personal data and the normal operation of the iOS device as a whole. You use the service at your own risk.
  • The vShare directory does not contain many of the programs and games available in the App Store.
  • Installed through vShare applications may not work correctly or not work at all.
  • Installing via vShare on average takes longer than the App Store. And to update the programs, you need to connect the mobile device to the computer and use the special Update menu in the vShare client for Windows.
  • It is possible that the Apple ID to which vShare is connected can be blocked.

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As you can see, it is much more convenient and safer to buy programs in an official way. Do you agree?

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