4 Ways to Make a Rose from Paper

According to the legend, when Aphrodite emerged from the sea, the foam from her body turned into beautiful white roses. And when the goddess fled to the grove, where her beloved died, and hurt her thorns, the flower turned red. So there were scarlet roses. Now, to decorate the house with these plants, you do not have to swim or injure yourself. And from a pack of colored paper come out buds of all colors of the rainbow.


Rose from paper

We will need

  1. Dense colored paper.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue.

How to do

  1. Draw a spiral on the square of the paper. Do not aim for perfect lines: the more random the pattern, the more interesting the finished flower will be.
  2. Cut out a strip of paper along the marked contour.
  3. Firmly fold the strip, starting from the center of the spiral. For strength of the construction, add some glue to the base.
  4. A rose made of paper is ready! You can add to it a leaf of green cardboard and plant a bud on a dry twig found in the yard. And you can make a whole bunch of paper of any color and size.
How to make a rose from paper


Corrugated paper rose
happypoups / livejournal.com

We will need

  1. Corrugated paper.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Wire or branch for the stem.
  4. Adhesive tape.

How to do

  1. Cut out the petals from the paper: 15 pieces in the form of hearts and 5 in the form of drops.
  2. Stretch each petal from the center to the edges to give it a more natural shape and bend.
  3. Fold the edges of the petals with a pencil or pen.
  4. If you have a colored adhesive tape, wrap it with a stem for naturalness.
  5. Begin the assembly of the flower: first, the petals are attached to the wire in the form of drops, then in the form of hearts. If necessary, fix the layers with adhesive tape.
  6. If desired, make a green leaf for the base of the bud.

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How to make a rose from corrugated paper

How to make a rose from paper: assembling a flower

How to make a rose out of paper: design
happypoups / livejournal.com

A rose made of corrugated paper can be any size, up to a giant. And such flowers are perfect for the original photo shoot.

Rose from corrugated paper on photo shoot


levlvv / liveinternet.ru

We will need

  1. Colored paper.
  2. Scissors.

How to do

  1. Cut a sheet of paper into longitudinal strips 1-5 cm wide (from 4 to 20 roses can be made from one sheet).
  2. Bend the strip diagonally, following the instructions on the photo. It’s not as simple as it seems – try to do it yourself.
Rose from paper: making


Only for the self-confident: the rose Kawasaki.

Rose Kawasaki of paper

Toshikazu Kawasaki is an origami theorist and a teacher of mathematics at Sasebo Technical College. In order to understand how to fold Kawasaki’s rose from paper, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed (and non-reproducible in the framework of one article) instruction, as well as c videos that last from 10 to 40 minutes on average.

Briefly: a sheet of paper will have to be rolled many times, many times unfolded, and then folded neatly along fold lines. Sounds easy? Try it if it’s within your power.

How to make a rose from a paper Kawasaki
Tadashi Mori / youtube.com

Creating crafts from paper is not only interesting, but also useful. Develops fine motor skills, patience and the ability to overcome difficulties. Plus it’s a way to relax and get pleasure from the process of creating beauty.

How many levels have you been able to overcome? Share your success in the comments.

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