How to find the IP address of a computer, tablet or smartphone

IP-addresses are digital identifiers by which devices can find each other on the Internet or local networks and exchange data. Therefore, each connected computer or mobile device receives its IP.

Even if you are not a technical expert, you will not be bothered to know how to determine the IP addresses of your gadgets. This can be useful, for example, if you want to connect a network printer or decide to provide remote access to a personal computer via the Internet.

Any network device can have both an internal and external IP address. The first type is used for interaction of technology within local networks, the second type is for the whole Internet.

How to find out the external (public) IP address

You can quickly watch your external IP from a computer or mobile device on one of the special sites like 2IP, WhatIsMyIP and IP-Ping. Going to any of them, you will immediately see the external IP (it’s Public IP) in the most prominent place.

How to find out the external IP address in IP-Ping

Devices that go online through a single router share a common external IP.

How to find out the internal (local) IP address

With internal IP-addresses, everything is a little more complicated: on each platform they are tested differently.

How to find out the IP address in Windows

Search through the system search utility “Command Line”. Right-click on its icon and run as administrator. In the window that opens, enter the command ipconfig and press Enter. Data appears on the screen, among which there must be an IPv4 string. Next to it you will see the code of the format – this is the internal IP address of the computer.

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How to find out the IP address in Windows

How to find out the IP address in macOS

To view the IP address in macOS, just go to “System Settings” → “Network” and select the current connection in the sidebar. The internal IP address of the Mac is displayed below the connection status.

How to find out the IP address in macOS

How to find out the IP address in Android

The internal IP address of the Android device is usually available in the Wi-Fi settings section. The interface on different devices can be very different, but you will probably find the necessary menu yourself without much difficulty. If not, you can install the free IP Tools program. It will display the internal and external IP addresses immediately after the launch.

How to find out the IP address in iOS

On the iPhone or iPad, the internal IP can be easily found in the section with Wi-Fi settings. Just click on the round icon next to the active wireless connection, and in the next menu will appear IP.

How to find the local IP address in iOS How to find out the IP address in iOS

How to find someone else’s IP-address

You can find out the external IP of another user of the Network (for example, to determine its approximate location) using the IP Logger service. But for this it is necessary that a person click on the link created by you.

How to find someone else's IP-address

First, create a URL that will allow you to recognize someone else’s IP. To do this, go to the IP Logger site and in the “Link / Image” block paste the URL to any page or image. It can be, for example, a link to a news item or article. Then click “Get the code of the logger”. In the next window, copy the address from the field “Your link to collect IP addresses” and remember your ID in the system.

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Then, send a message with the just-copied link to the user whose IP you want to know. You can use any channel: email, social networks, instant messengers and so on. The text of the message should convince the recipient to click on the link. To make the URL seem less suspicious, you can disguise it using Bitly or another service to shorten the links.

When a user clicks on the link, IP Logger will simply open the target page for him, and for you will save someone else’s IP. The latter can be viewed on the site of the service: just enter your ID on the main IP Logger page in the “View Logger” block.

Do not forget that the user can go online through a proxy or VPN. In this case, it will not work out his real IP-address.

IP Logger →

If you are interested in how to find out the IP address of the router, you can get acquainted with other material of the Lifehacker.

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