Pass this simple test to test your ability to distinguish colors

Did you know that about 75% of people can not distinguish the whole range of colors?

Why is this happening? The fact is that our ability to distinguish colors directly depends on the number of cones (photoreceptors) in the retina of the eye.

And to test yourself and determine how well you can distinguish colors, you can use a simple test. Just calculate how many colors and their shades you see on the picture (count stripes).

How many colors did you count?

1. You counted less than 20 stripes. This means that you have two types of photosensitive cones. You, like 25% of all people on the planet, belong to the category of people who are called dichromates. By the way, dogs are also dichromates.

2. You see from 20 to 32 different stripes. In this case, you are a trichromate. That is, you have at your disposal three different types of cones, and you are able to distinguish not only the basic colors, but most of their shades. About 50% of the world’s population belongs to this category of people.

3. You counted from 32 to 39 stripes. If so, then you belong to the number of tetrachromates and are able to see a very large range of colors. This ability is similar to bees, which are also tetrachromates.

4. If you counted more than 39 stripes, I recommend to take the test anew. There are only 39 different colors on the picture, and if you take into account that you are looking at the monitor screen, you can discern even less.

The author of this publication counted 36 different stripes, but how many do you see?