5 sites with free training for the ideal body

1. Free Trainers

On this site you will find eight free programs for people with different levels of training. Classes for home and gym, cardio training, a plan for muscle growth and strength, training with an expander and fitness ball, circular training and a program for those who first came to the gym. All this is free, you just need to register to see the programs in your account.

Free Trainers
List of Trainings Free Trainers

Before you start training, the site helps to create a suitable schedule and pick up the load. You celebrate your level of physical training, how many days a week you plan to do, which splits you prefer and other parameters. The finished training plan is loaded into your calendar.

In the program itself you are offered two variants of exercises. You can choose to: do only one thing, perform both or alternate them from training to training.

Free Trainers: training program
Exercises from the program

Clicking on any exercise, you will see a tablet with working muscles, rules of execution and photo or hypha. If this is not enough, you can copy the name and watch the videos on YouTube.

Card Exercises

Also on the site there is your training diary, the ability to save posts about your studies and add photos.

Free Trainers: Training Diary
Adding a record

And for those who like to develop in the company of like-minded people, it is possible to create their own group. Can be useful for motivation.

Free Trainers →

2. Workout

This is a real treasure for those who want to deal with the weight of their body and do not mind buying a bar or find it near the house. There are programs from monsters kalsteniki, tips for mastering different exercises and translating infographics from foreign sites.

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Programs workout.su

In addition, the previous issues of the program “100-Day Vorkut” are freely available. Each of them includes several large blocks with information that will be useful to any newcomer: training, regularity, technique, nutrition, breathing and much more.

Workout: base unit
“100-day vorkut”, the base unit

All this is free and available without subscriptions and registration right on the site. In addition, there is an application for iOS. True, it is more useful to those who are going to participate in the “100-day vorkaut”.

Workout.su →

3. Muscle Strength

There are many programs for any purpose and level of preparation. They are divided into categories: for slimming, building muscles, increasing strength and so on.

Muscle & Strength: training program
Program Categories

The description of the program indicates the purpose, equipment, regularity of training and level. If the program suits you, download the PDF-file.

Muscle & Strength: program description
Program description

In any workout, there are links to a page with a description and a video showing the exercise, so you can use the programs even without the knowledge of English. If there is no link, just copy the name to YouTube and watch the video with the technique.

Muscle & Strength: your training program
PDF file with the program

In addition, the site has plans for useful diets to supplement training with proper nutrition.

Muscle & Strength: food
Plans for diets

Muscle Strength →

4. Exercise.com

Here you will find 638 training plans, 26 of which are free. On the left there is a filter for sex, level, goals, number of lessons per week. There you can set the filter at a price and view only free.

Choosing Workouts

In the program itself, you see target muscles and trained qualities, a list of exercises with video, the number of approaches and repetitions, as well as the rest time between approaches.

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Exercise.com: training program
Training plan

At the bottom there is a ready meal plan in a PDF file with different options for healthy eating and snacking. This is not just advice in the style of “eat then, avoid it”, but a detailed plan with the indication of calories and BJU and ten options for specific dishes.

Exercise.com: meal plan
Detailed meal plan

In addition to the service, there are also mobile applications for iOS and Android, in which you can plan activity and keep a training diary.

Exercise.com: application Exercise.com: Android app

By the way, if you decide to buy workouts, all PRO plans are available for a paid subscription for 99.99 dollars per year.

Exercise.com →

5. WodCat

If you like VIIT or are engaged in crossfiting, be sure to go to WodCat. This WOD (day workout) generator will help you to create a suitable program for each day.

WodCat filters

In the filters you can specify the category (AMRAP, 1RM, EMOM, and so on), modality (gymnastics, weightlifting, metcon and their combinations), inventory and difficulty level. As a result, you will get a list of suitable WODs with a description in Russian.

WodCat: free workouts
WOD List

If you do not care what to do, there is a random WOD generator. One click, and a ready training for today in front of you.

WodCat: random program
Random WOD

In addition, the WodCat has a description of exercises in Russian and video with technology. Just keep in mind that complex exercises, for example jerk or outs on a horizontal bar, will be almost impossible to master without a coach.

WodCat: description of the exercise
Description of the exercise

WodCat has apps for iOS and Android, so it’s convenient to use them right in the hall or crossfit box.

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WodSat →

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