Adidas miCoach is closing. How to move to Runtastic and get a free premium for a year

Adidas miCoach until recently was one of the most powerful and, importantly, free sports services. He helped organize training not only for runners, but also for fans of other sports.

In August 2015, Adidas acquired Runtastic for $ 200 million – one of the competing sports services. It was logical to expect Adidas to use this for the development of its proprietary miCoach platform. However, everything happened exactly the opposite: miCoach and all related products are closed, and Runtastic will continue to live as the only sports and fitness platform Adidas.

Existing Adidas miCoach accounts with all the training data are suggested to be moved to Runtastic. For this purpose, a special page is created where you only need to specify your credentials and click the “Start Transfer” button.

Runtastic move

Data transfer can take quite a long time, especially if you have accumulated a lot of information about training. When everything is ready, you will receive a notification by e-mail and you will be able to continue practicing without loss, already using the Runtastic application.

Owners of special gadgets from the company Adidas was much less fortunate. The miCoach devices were designed for use with the same platform. Therefore, their capabilities in Runtastic will be limited.

  • Fit Smart, HRM Bluetooth, X_CELL can be used with Runtastic as heart rate monitors.
  • Smart Run This is a separate device, and it can not be used with Runtastic. However, as soon as you synchronize with Runtastic, all training data will automatically be transferred from your Smart Run to Runtastic.
  • SPEED_CELL Bluetooth can not be used with Runtastic.

  Mobile application for jogging and fitness Runtastic Pro

To sweeten unpleasant news, Adidas offers a good bonus. Those who now transfer their account to Runtastic will be able to use all the functions of premium accounts for a year free of charge. And these are free training plans, advice on nutrition, lack of advertising and much more.

Runtastic premium

This concerns not only running, but also all training programs from Runtastic, including the wonderful Runtastic Results, which we wrote about here.

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