How to create a bootable USB flash drive Windows 10 with UEFI support

Microsoft has done a great job, so that Windows users can update this system in the most convenient way. A special tool called Get Windows 10 will notify you of the availability of the new version, automatically download and install all necessary components.

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However, this method of updating is by no means suitable for everyone. Some prefer a “clean” installation, in which the user gets a completely fresh, not burdened by previous errors and system settings. The same method you will have to use if you want to install Windows 10 as a second system.

For a “clean” installation of Windows 10, you will need to download an image of the system in ISO format, write it to removable media, and then boot from it and perform the installation. However, on new systems using UEFI instead of the old good BIOS, this sequence of actions will lead to the appearance of various kinds of errors or simply to the inability to boot from the removable media.

In this case, you will come to the rescue utility Rufus, which is designed to create bootable flash drives with support for both MBR and GPT. This program is small in size, does not require installation and is completely free. Here is a list of the steps you need to take to write Windows 10.

Rufus windows 10

  1. Download the portable version of Rufus from the link that you will find at the end of the article. Run the program.
  2. Select the removable drive on the “Devices” menu, on which you want to capture the system image.
  3. In the “Partition scheme and type of system interface” menu, set the value to “GPT for computers with UEFI”.
  4. The “File System” and “Cluster Size” menus remain unchanged. Check the “Create bootable disk” option.
  5. In the drop-down menu, select the “ISO image” item and point to the operating system disk image.
  6. Press the “Start” button and wait for the operation to finish.

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Now try to boot from the flash drive you recorded and start the installation of Windows 10. If you did everything correctly, then the installation should go to the very end without any errors. In addition, you can use Rufus to install other operating systems, for example Windows 7, Windows 8 or Linux in full EFI mode.

Rufus Windows 10 Insider Preview ISO

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