Pstart – program for creating autorun-menu for flash drives


Supper-utility, which I have been using for the second year already. Allows creating menus for programs located on your flash drive.

The program is installed on the USB flash drive. A wizard is provided that will find all the files to be launched and prompts you to make a menu. But I would advise you to add programs manually, breaking by the categories you specify. Each program in the menu can be configured so that it starts when you start Pstart, or when you close it. The view is configurable, you can make a simple menu in one line, you can in two, in the second you can specify, for example, the path to the file, or the note you compiled. The program has several tabs: Items, Search, Notes and Info. The latter shows the current state of the flash drive: size, free and occupied space. Search allows you to search for data on a flash drive. Items contains the main menu of the program. Notes are nothing more than quick memos with reminders that can be sorted by subject, painted in different colors and choose an individual font for each. The program regularly backs up data about the menu, as well as it can create an autorun file that starts when you mount the flash drive – a very convenient thing. The program works great not only with flash drives, but also with CD / DVD and hard disks. The program is free, simple and very easy to use.

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  Jak přesunout program na jiný disk, aniž byste jej znovu nainstalovali

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