How to learn to whistle loudly

It turns out that the fingers are a necessary “tool” to whistle loud and piercing. Their task is as follows. First, “tame” the language. Secondly, press your lips to your teeth.

Let’s try to learn how to whistle together.

Step 1 – make a letter from the fingers “A”

How to learn to whistle loudly

Fold the middle and index fingers of both hands with the letter “A”, as shown in the picture. This combination can be done with only index fingers or only middle fingers. And you can use only one hand, closing in the ring a large and index finger (as a gesture “OK”).

Step 2 – press your lips to your teeth

How to learn to whistle loudly
Press your lips to your teeth, as if you are a toothless old man. The harder you “harden” the lips in your mouth and press them to the teeth, the louder the whistle will turn out. Fingers in this position will help to fix the lips.

Step 3 – position of the tongue

How to learn to whistle loudly

Shove your fingers, folded in the shape of the letter “A”, in your mouth for about one phalanx (wash your hands!). Place your fingers in the middle of your mouth – the tips of your fingers should be pointed at the center of the tongue. Speak the language as much as possible. Between the tip of the tongue and the front teeth should be about a centimeter. For convenience, hold the tip of the tongue with your fingers.

Step 4 – whistle

How to learn to whistle loudly

Put the air in the lungs. Holding your fingers and tongue correctly, close your lips as shown in the picture. Dramatically expel air from the lungs. If you did everything right, you will feel a slight “chill” above the lower lip – the air should not come out from the mouth, but from the hole that you made with the fingers, tongue and lips.

Do not worry if it does not work out the first time. Practice, practice and practice again! Once on the 40th of you, the Nightingale the robber will come out.

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Only take breaks between attempts – frequent deep breaths and sudden exhalations can lead to dizziness.

P.S. I managed! ????

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