10 Instagram channels, which you should subscribe to

Many Instagram services are perceived as the most vulgar place in the world, where the food exhibitionists rush the ball, puffed-up lips and other hipsters. And indeed, the format offered by this photo hosting does not have much to do with serious work. However, any rule implies exceptions. And in this article you will find as many as 10 such exceptions – accounts of instaders who will make you wonder, admire or even be horrified by the works presented in them.


@dguttenfelder Instagram

Photographer David Guttenfelder (David Guttenfelder) was recognized this year by TIME magazine as the best author of the Instagram service. And this is not surprising, because his works are regularly published by the Associated Press and National Geographic. Photos are presented to us by different corners of our planet and are made in different styles.


@philmoorephoto Instagram

Phil Moore is a freelance photographer working in East Africa. His photos of exotic landscapes and details of the ordinary life of the local population make it possible to better know this poorly studied region.

@ benlowy

@benlowy Instagram

Ben Lowy (Ben Lowy) is known as a documentary photographer and in this capacity was published on the pages of TIME. He is especially good at capturing people at various turning points in their lives. However, on his page in Instagram sometimes very interesting abstract works slip. This account is definitely worth subscribing to.


@michaelchristopherbrown Instagram

Michael Christopher Brown photographed for National Geographic, and his sphere of interest extends from the daily life of Manhattan to the internecine war in the Congo. His pictures were used in documentaries of the HBO channel, as well as in specialized publications around the world.


@marcusbleasdale Instagram

The subject of the works of Marcus Bleasdale (Marcus Bleasdale) mainly concerns the observance of human rights. Accordingly, he spends quite a lot of time in countries where they have not even been heard of, and makes there absolutely unique exotic pictures. One of those authors who know how to surprise everyone with their own photo.

  Hvordan man lærer at tegne, selvom man ikke tror på dit talent


@edkashi Instagram

Ed Kashi (Ed Kashi) is another National Geographic photographer who works in the Middle East. Lately, it’s focused mainly on Syria, so if you want to see what’s really going on in there, then subscribe to this channel.


@randyolson Instagram

Documentary photos of Randy Olson (Randy Olson) will allow you to look into the darkest and least explored corners of India, Australia and Oceania. It removes not only the way of life and customs of indigenous peoples, but also amazing landscapes that you will not find anywhere else in Instagram.


@dayzdandconfuzd Instagram

Black-and-white photographs of city streets can be surprisingly artistic, and David Ingraham’s work proves this perfectly. Watching his channel, you can visit many cities on different continents and watch their secret life in all the variety of shades of gray.


@acestyles Instagram

New York photographer Ariel C is in love with his city and this feeling proves each with his own work. The indigenous inhabitants of this city are surprised by his ability to find new perspectives of even well-known objects, and everyone else admires the majestic beauty of the metropolis.


@kevinfrayer Instagram

Photojournalist Kevin Frayer (Kevin Frayer) lives in Asia and shoots for Getty Images. If you subscribe to his channel, you will see many exciting images from the heart of this continent. The amazing culture of the East will not leave you indifferent.

As you can see, among the massive dominance of seals, selfies and plates with food in Instagram, it is possible to find real examples of high photo art. You want to look at which you want to imitate and who can learn a lot. And which standing Instagram channels do you know?

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