10 life rules that you need to remember in hard times

We all go through difficult times. This is life, and there’s nothing to be done. The life of some people is heavier than that of others, but we all sometimes experience pain, loss and misfortune. But, no matter what happens, do not forget about some things.

Family, friends, feelings, duties – all this remains with you, no matter what happens. We decided to expand this list, and here are 10 rules that you should always remember about.

Pain is part of life, it helps to grow

Of course, we want to always go on the white band. But this does not happen, just as there is no way that love will always bring only happiness. But what you always have at your disposal is a choice of how to react to pain. Look for something good in any situation and remember that you have someone to rely on. And in spite of everything, remember that there are worse situations.

Life is pain. The one who speaks differently, tries to sell you something. William Goldman

Thinking and right attitude to the problem is already half the solution

To many, success does not come from an incredible mind and genius. Everything is simpler: the right attitude and effort is what will lead you to a happy ending. Look at what is happening on the right side. And remember that the problem exists only when you think that it exists.

Positive thinking creates more miracles than any other drug. Patricia Neil

Sometimes your biggest fears are only illusions

Most often we are afraid of the unknown. We still do not know whether something good or bad will happen, but beforehand we set ourselves up for the bad. Fight with your fear and stop being afraid of what is not. You are no longer 10 years old, and in your closet there is no monster.

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Problems can be turned into opportunities

More and more often I start to think that for success there is nothing more important than experience. Therefore, when there is a problem on your way, you have two options: to become a victim and obey the problem or to deal with depression and failure and get out the winner. Decide who you want to be.

You can not solve the problem if you do not take a little responsibility

How we like to blame others. But then again, you are not 10 years old, and complaining about the people around you is just plain ugly. Therefore, if you are still going to solve the problem, you will have to take a little responsibility, and as a consequence, and risk.

But risk is something that stands behind any successful business. Risk, and even if you make a mistake, you will gain invaluable experience. A win-win situation!

All that we have is now

I recommend that you read the interview with Alexei Korovin, who nicely reveals the topic of how much we are focused on our past and future and on what is not really there. To dream is not so bad. But do not make your dreams justify that you are not doing anything right now. In addition to this, “now” is nothing more.

There is always something for which one can be grateful

Life, family, loved ones, casual passers-by, to anyone. If you have a roof over your head, food and health, everything is not so bad. You do not need to be a supermodel or a millionaire in order to become happy. Happiness is not in this, and in the world there is always someone whose life is better than yours.

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But there are also a lot of people in the world who are living much worse. So look at what you have, and do not strive for what you do not have.

Success does not come in a day

Moreover, it does not come as far as we would like. Real success is slow. And confidently. But only if you constantly make efforts for this. Continue your journey in this direction, and you will not be mistaken.

Patience, perseverance and work are three things that make up an absolute combination of success. Napoleon Hill

Do not wait for praise from others. Assess yourself and your work yourself

People who wait for praise from others, do not cause anything other than pity. This only indicates that a person is not sure of himself enough that he needs someone who will tell him that this is not so. Work on self-confidence. Be your biggest fan and love yourself.

I do not like myself. I’m going crazy myself. Mae West

You are not alone

And never forget this. But if it turned out that you do not have support, go to the Internet. Forums, similar interests, social networks. There are a lot of lonely people in the world who also need advice. Find them if you need support.

Life is a hard thing. But instead of getting depressed and feeling sorry for yourself and others, understand that some situations allow you to become stronger, and do it. Become stronger.

How to survive the hard times? Do you have any tips or examples from life?

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