15 best quotes from Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam devoted himself to the study of life itself. He did a lot of scientific work in such areas as mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy, but the world most of all was remembered as a poet, the author of quatrains of rubai. Unfortunately, during his life, Khayyam did not appreciate his outstanding mind. He was remembered only in the XIX century, when world fame came to him.

In his shirt, Khayyam touches upon questions about the meaning of being, chastity, happiness, love, friendship and, of course, his favorite drink – wine.

About life

– 1 –

Do not envy those who are strong and rich. For sunrise always comes the decline. With this life, short, equal to a sigh, treat as a given for you to rent.

– 2 –

Who lives a bit, the more he will achieve. A pood of salt that has eaten up appreciates honey. Who shed tears, he laughs sincerely. Who was dying, he knows that he lives!

– 3 –

“Hell and heaven are in heaven,” the bigots affirm. I, having looked into myself, became convinced of lies: hell and heaven are not circles in the palace of the universe, hell and heaven are two halves of the soul.

– 4 –

Everything is bought and sold, and life is frankly laughing at us. We are indignant, we are indignant, but we are selling and buying.

– 5 –

Do not mourn, mortal, yesterday’s losses, today’s business does not measure tomorrow’s measures. Neither the past nor the future, do not believe. Believe the minute of the current – be happy now!

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About love

– 6 –

Yes, in a woman, as in a book, there is wisdom. To understand the meaning of its great is only literate. And do not be angry with the book, since, ignorant, could not read it.

– 7 –

In one hand flowers, in the other – a glass is permanent, feast with your beloved, forgetting about the whole universe, until the death of the tornado suddenly saves you, like rose petals, a life-size shirt.

– 8 –

Who is a freak, who is handsome – does not know passion. In hell, the madman falls in love. Indifferent love, what to wear, what to put on the ground, what to put under the head.

– 9 –

Whose heart does not burn with love passionate for the sweet, without solace drags its bleak century. Days spent without the joys of love, I consider the burden unnecessary and hateful.

– 10 –

To love and be loved is happiness. You protect from simple bad weather. And taking the reins of love together greedily in your hands, do not ever let go, even living in separation …

About wine

– eleven –

They say that drunkards will go to hell. All the nonsense! If the drinkers were sent to hell, and all the women lovers there to follow them, empty like a palm, would become your garden of paradise.

– 12 –

A heart! Let cunning, conspiring together, condemn the wine, they say, it is harmful. If you wash your soul and body, wash your poetry more often, drinking wine.

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– 13 –

Garden blooming, girlfriend and a bowl of wine – that’s my paradise. I do not want to find myself in another. Yes, no one saw the heavenly paradise! So for now we will be comforted in the earthly.

– 14 –

But the wine teaches the same wisdom, on each cup there is a vital recipe: “Prilty with your mouth – and you will see the bottom!”

– 15 –

Wine is forbidden, but there are four but: depending on who, with whom, when and to the extent that they drink wine. If these four conditions are met, all sane wine is allowed.

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