What to do without leaving your home: 17 geek hobbies

1. Programming

Programming is a typical hobby for a modern geek. The possibilities of mass – from programming to the web and ending with the development of games. There are a lot of spheres and various directions in programming, so for sure you can find something really interesting for yourself. And thus it is not required any monetary investments. But most importantly, you do not even need an extra seat, except for a desk with a computer or a laptop on your knees (and I’m sure that you already have it).

So, if you decide to start immediately, we recommend that you read the feature articles on the Lifehacker. For example, read the instructions and a list of resources that will help you become a programmer.

2. Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very small computer, in fact – one card the size of a little more than a bank card. But nevertheless it contains the processor, memory, ports for external devices, Internet connection and graphic output. Initially, the device was created as an inexpensive system for teaching computer science, but caused a real furore among geeks. Its main advantage is that it can be used almost anything. You can start with simple projects, for example, turn an old TV into a monitor. And then show all your creative imagination. In addition, not so long ago, an upgraded version of the device at the same price – $ 35.

3. Arduino

Like the Raspberry Pi, Arduino is a small microcontroller, quite simple to use. The board can be purchased both on the website of the official manufacturer and third-party developers – the fully open architecture of the platform allows you to copy and supplement the line. But the most chic is, of course, try to make the device yourself. We recommend watching the performance on TED of one of the creators of Arduino Massimo Banzi (Massimo Banzi), in which he talks about how a small device awakens people’s imagination.

4. Amateur radio communication

Despite the fact that the practical value of amateur radio receivers has remained in the past, the community of unprofessional radio amateurs is full of enthusiasm more than ever. This is an opportunity not only to test your knowledge of radio in practice, but also to start communicating with people around the world. For starters, you can try to collect walkie-talkies to talk with a friend, and then take up the project more complicated.

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5. Opening the locks by keys

You probably thought that the master keys are only needed for criminal elements, but do not rush into conclusions. Not everyone who learns to use lock-picks in his free time does it to break into houses and open safes. In fact, puzzle-lockers do not welcome illegal activities in any way.

Lovers of master keys enjoy the calculation of the peculiarities of circumvention of complex mechanisms. That’s why there are so many admirers of puzzles and quests among puzzle skidders. Moreover, if you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation, when you need to quickly open the lock, this skill will be very useful.

6. Rocket modeling

In Soviet times this hobby was very popular, in almost every village there was such a circle. Today you are infatuated with modeling infrequently, and very vain. After all, now it is not necessary to make all the details manually, so anyone can collect the rocket alone. We added this hobby to the list of things that you can do without leaving your house, because the preparation for launch is a painstaking business and is mostly in the premises. But when the model is ready, go to the open air and be sure to invite your friends: to look at the real flight of the rocket will be interesting to everyone.

7. Lego

Many of us grew up on Lego designers. Perhaps, the multi-colored bricks again will be able to interest you after so many years. If you do not have enough time to get to the store, you can play Lego on the Internet using Google.

Lego is not just an amusing hobby, it has several additional advantages. For example, the designer helps develop managerial skills. In addition, sharing a common passion, you can spend more time with children. So do not wait and choose Lego to your liking.

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8. Woodcarving

In order to work with wood, you do not need a whole workshop. For starters, you can learn how to cut out small figures. At first, it will not work very neatly, but in time you will gain experience and be able to do interesting things with your own hands.

9. Home brewing

If you are a fan of craft beer and are not averse to getting a new hobby, it’s time to try to make a foamy drink yourself. Start small – a small batch of several liters. If you like the result, grab for large volumes.

Some owners of breweries started out as simple lovers. Some enjoy the process itself, experiments with their own recipes. And others wait will not wait, when it will be possible to try the result.

10. Manufacturing of canned food

Preserving is the common name of all hobbies associated with the curling of products in cans. Where to buy cans, you probably tell mom or grandmother, but keep in mind that you will have to deal with freezing, drying, pickling, smoking, distillation, storage and much more. The process of canning itself is quite simple, but there are many subtleties in which you will have to figure it out if you do not want to get an inedible product as a result.

11. Hydroponics

Gardening is an activity for those who have at least a small piece of land, which in a modern city can be a rarity. Fortunately, there are alternative methods of growing plants, and one of them is hydroponics. For this method, no soil is required at all, but only water and nutrients.

12. Production of house candles

If you regularly buy aromatic candles for home, you know that this is not cheap pleasure, especially when it comes to first-class manufacturers. So why not try to make your own candles? This is surprisingly easy and does not require serious investment. All you need is a wax, a thread for a wick and a shape. In addition, this hobby can be good to earn extra money.

13. Binding skills

Have you ever thought about how to release books? Why not learn how to make a binding, and not to collect for yourself at least a couple of notebooks? To begin with, it is worth trying simple techniques, for example sewing saddle, and only then move in the direction of something more complicated, Coptic bindings for example. You can try to work with the skin, you can come up with the design of covers – and this original notebook, like you, will not have anyone else.

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14. Origami

Origami is a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills, moreover, no additional money investments for such a hobby will be required. Initially origami is given with difficulty. But there are so many teaching materials on the web that you will quickly move from the dead end.

15. Beadwork

Beaded drawings are the creation of pixel graphics with the help of Perler beads and a special board. Each bead corresponds to one pixel. You can create your own hands of famous characters of games – the main thing is to choose the right colors. A pack of 1,000 items from Perler can be purchased online for only a few dollars.

Knitting Knots

Knitting knots is an exciting lesson if you do not stop at only superficial knowledge. There are hundreds of different nodes, each of which will prove useful in different circumstances. In some activities, for example, rock climbing, rafting on boats, even in the usual hike, without knots anywhere. But the nodes are interesting in themselves and can be a great hobby. For this hobby, you need to develop logic, be able to solve puzzles, so it will perfectly suit diligent and attentive people.

17. Animals from balloons

Everyone loved the circus as a child. Clowns are real monopolists in the production of animals from balloons, but this does not mean that you yourself can not do the same for your pleasure. If you grasp the essence of this technique, you will be able to show your creativity and imagination. And if you have children or younger brothers or sisters, believe me, they will be completely delighted with your hobbies.

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