How to find music from video: 14 verified ways

How to find music from video using any device

1. Look for a song according to the words on the web

This is the easiest and most obvious way to find out which music was used in the video. Surely you started searching for him. But if not, just try typing in the browser a few words from the song. For clarification, you can add a “song”, “lyrics” or lyrics, if it’s a song in a foreign language.

2. Check out the soundtrack

How to find music from video: Check out the soundtrack

If we are talking about the film, you can always refer to the official soundtrack. Usually it includes all the compositions used in the picture. Just type the movie name + OST or soundtrack in the search. The issue may well be a link to the full track list.

3. Check the description and comments on YouTube

Almost any clip, commercial or trailer for the movie can be found on YouTube. Open this service and find the video by keywords. Then check its description. It is there that the authors often indicate the music they use. To go to the description under the video, click “More”.

How to find music from the video: Check the description and comments on YouTube

If the track is not listed in the description, check the comments on the video. It is possible that one of the users was already trying to find out the name of the song and asked the author the question. If there was no answer, you can ask yourself.

4. Use the Midomi web service

This web service will help you to find out what kind of music sounds right now. To do this, on the main page of the site you just need to click on the microphone and allow listening. In the case of the same YouTube, you can start the video in one tab of the browser, and Midomi in the other.

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How to find music from video. Midomi

If there is no video at hand, the song can be sung, whistled or nagged – Midomi will try to guess.

Go to Midomi →

5. Launch the Yandex.Music bot in Telegram

If you are an active Telegram user, add a bot to the popular music service. Clamp the microphone in the message sending line and let the bot listen to the song. Each track found is supplemented by a link to “Yandex.Muzyku”.

Add the bot “Yandex.Muzyki” →

6. Ask the bot Acknow in Telegram

A less popular, but quite working option is the Acknow bot. It is also quite accurate and fast, but for its work it is necessary to subscribe to the Bassmuzic channel. Tracking Acknow is supplemented by links to Spotify and YouTube.

Add bot Acknow →

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7. Look in the audio recordings “VKontakte”

How to find music from video: Search in audio recordings

Whether it’s advertising on TV, someone’s self-made clip or music from the movie, you can always type the name of the video directly in the search for audio recordings “VKontakte.” In the issue it may well be an audio track from a video with the artist’s indication or simply the name of the song with a note, in which video it was used.

8. Ask in special groups “VKontakte”

For example, here and here directly on the wall, you can simply place a link or attach the video itself. Your message will be viewed by thousands of users, and there is a high probability that someone will be able to give an answer.

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Try it, especially if you are looking for a little-known track that does not recognize special services.

How to find music from your video using your smartphone

1. Use Google Audio Search on Android

How to find music from video. Google Audio Search on Android How to find music from video. Google Audio Search on Android

The standard audio search widget is available together with the Google application. Just turn on the audition while playing the video, and your problem will be solved.

2. Ask Siri for iOS

For iPhone owners, when watching a video, just ask Siri: “What song is playing?” Or “Who sings?”.

3. Ask the “Alice”

How to find music from video: Ask How to find music from video: Ask

Users of mobile search “Yandex” can ask a question to the assistant, who also learned to recognize the music he listened to for a long time. Suffice it to say: “Guess the song” or “Who sings?” – and let “Alice” listen to the recording.

4. Launch the Shazam application

With the help of Shazam you can not only determine the name and artist of the song, but also find the text and find out where the song can be bought.

5. Or SoundHound

How to find music from video: Start SoundHound How to find music from video: Start SoundHound

A well-known analogue of Shazam, which can recognize even singing you a song. Each track is supplemented with information about the artist and the link for purchase on Google Play.

How to find music from video using your computer

1. Use Shazam on macOS

Holders of computers on macOS can use the official application service Shazam, available in the App Store. Just turn it on when watching a video – and the track, if there is one in the database, will be recognized.

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