How not to lose faith in yourself, when the whole world is against

Everyone in life has a hard time. Especially when you are at the crossroads and you need to make the most difficult choice – to continue to fight or succumb to external circumstances and the general mood. It is quite difficult to insist on your own, when things are not glued at all, and those around you twist your finger at your temple’s back. When no one but you believes in the success of the case, and the impression is that the whole world is against you.

However, this is not an excuse to drop your hands and throw what was created and grown with such zeal. A few tips from Ann-Sophie Reinhard, a private entrepreneur, blogger and podcasters, reminded me that if you missed the ball once, the second time you will already know how to prevent this.

How not to lose faith in yourself, when the whole world is against
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I decided to touch on this topic, because I think that each of us had such moments in life. Someone resisted, but someone gave in and left. And now, perhaps, he bites his elbows, which he did not endure, did not finish, he did not prove it.

According to inexorable statistics, not taking into account the miracle, the percentage of successful startups is negligible compared to the failures. So we will assume that this memo is desperate and ready to drop your hands;)

Way of thinking

Even young children know this – if you think that everything is bad around you, then it will. If you want to feel like a loser and not worth anything, then it will. Moreover, if you are particularly diligent to get used to the role, then others will believe it. And who wants to have serious business with losers?

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Positive thinking is one of the components of success. Or at least believe in it. You build the attitude to yourself and to what you do. In your head, you create a whole world, which is then reflected by your actions in reality.

What kind of world do you want to see around you?


The surrounding people are also of great importance. And they are inextricably linked to your inner sense of yourself and your business. Try to surround yourself at such critical moments with optimistic and active people with a vibrant mind and wild imagination. Because sometimes even the most crazy ideas end up being quite tenacious and yielding unexpected results.

Restricted, people closed to dialogue with the world, press on you, criticize and do not let go.

Look for mentors among those whom you would like to be like. Learn from them, collect the optimism you need for crumbs and then, perhaps, you yourself will be an example for someone. And it charges with optimism and energy even more!


Inspiration is another important and powerful factor. When we go out, lose interest in the matter, then the matter goes away and the people around you stop believing in it with you. How can investors believe in the success of a business if you talk about it with an extinct eye? How can you believe in something that the creator does not believe in ?!

Perhaps you need a little break. Read books, watch movies, attend conferences and communicate with people who inspire you.

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You never know where you will visit a new brilliant idea for your business – at another smart conference or while contemplating the sunset.


A clear goal or at least a clear direction is already half the success. You can not create anything if you do not have a whole picture. One common, big goal is good, but you have to work out the ways of achieving it, lay out the steps to it. Gradually overcoming step by step, you can achieve the result. Only the goal must be real. You must understand what you really want and what you will be worth failing.

Anne struggled with anorexia for 14 years. Its main goal was to survive at any cost and start living a full life. Of course, one’s own life can not be compared to “I want to build a successful business”, “to transport business to another country with better conditions” or “to provide for myself in old age”.

You must really believe in your endeavors and clearly know what you want to achieve as a result. Even the creation of a simple application for photography or shooting a video can help, as a result, earn enough money not only to provide a secure rear in old age or the ability to fund other projects, but also serve the larger goals of helping children, disabled people, etc.


Persistence is the fifth, final element. You do not have to retreat, even if everything is against you, and in the short term you will suck a paw for several months, or even more. At this time, it is difficult to do without the support of the closest and without their belief in your success. But if you insist on your own and believe, then they will believe.

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If you know that everything should turn out, you must defend your point of view and your creation. Even if you have to slow down the pace, do not throw or retreat, but keep moving with smaller, but confident steps.

These are five tips from a person who was on the verge of death (albeit because of his stupidity), but she had the strength not only to overcome this, but also to move on, proving by her own example that the impossible is only in our heads with you .

And a small remark from my inner skeptic – sometimes a more sober view of things still does not hurt, because if you lose your head – you lose everything.

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