18 unusual sex poses for those who crave diversity

Modified Doggy style

To change the classic knee-elbow position, it is enough for a woman to squat. A man at the same time can sit, kneel or at full height.

In this position, the woman plays a more active role than in the traditional doggy style. If a man is sitting, then it generally almost completely controls the process. This can be a big plus for a partner during anal sex.

For the pair as a whole, this is a good way to redistribute power in a position that usually assumes complete male domination.

Maximum removal

Many classical poses imply a close physical contact between partners. For a change, you can go from the opposite and take a position in which you will be as far apart as possible. As a result, attention will be focused on the penetration process.

This situation can be accepted if both partners lie on their back or stomach.

Also, options are possible when one of the partners is on top.

In these poses it is almost impossible to achieve a deep penetration. Therefore, to have sex in them is better slowly and carefully. From advantages: positions are ideal for caressing each other’s feet.


Vertical positions in sex in themselves are not very common. But they can add a bit of witticism. For example, a partner can demonstrate its flexibility by throwing a leg on the partner’s shoulder.

Unusual sex poses: standing

If both have a good physical shape, you can try a pose, which is often referred to as a “wheelbarrow”. In this case, the woman rests on her hands, and a standing man holds her by the hips.

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Unusual sex poses: wheelbarrow

Another unusual situation: a man is standing, and a woman rests her head on the floor. In this position, the partner can also hold the woman on the weight. But this is really dangerous: a man at least needs to be a real strong man, and a woman – relatively light and miniature (and still quite bold).

Unusual sex poses: a woman upside down

A similar, but less traumatic (and more comfortable) position: the woman lies on the head and shoulders, and the man half-sits on top. In this position, the woman has more points of support, and the man does not need to hold it by weight. But if the partner has problems with the spine or pressure, neither this nor the previous position is better not to practice.

Unusual sex poses: a man half-sitting

On the chair

Many sexual positions outside the bed become more interesting. And the simplest alternative to a bed is a chair. With its help, you can diversify the doggy style or pose of a rider. And in the latter case, a man does not have to sit.

Unusual sex poses: a rider on a chair

Another option is to use two chairs. The example below shows how a relaxed pose “cradle” with their help becomes more exciting, as both partners need to balance on different (not always 100% resistant) surfaces.

Unusual sex poses: the cradle on the chairs

Unusual supports

Replace the chair with a large gymnastic ball and get even more impressions from the standard sex positions.

Unusual sex poses: doggies on the ball

The next option is for those women who want to combine sex with training or boast of their athletic achievements. In this case, you need two fairly low and stable supports and a pair of strong arms and legs.

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Unusual sex poses: a woman on top

69 for flexible and strong

The classical posture 69 can be transformed if the woman has sufficient flexibility and can easily accept a position similar to the bridge, or bend in half.

Simultaneous oral caresses are possible even in an upright position. In this case, everything depends on the strength and endurance of the man.

Unusual sex poses: 69 on weight

But do not forget: you should try such poses with extreme caution. It is not superfluous to do stretching or warm-up to prepare the body for the load.

If you are not confident in your abilities or prefer more comfortable and traditional positions, check out our guides on the best sex poses and sex toys. They will also help to bring diversity into the intimate life.

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