How quickly sober up

For a start, the bad news. Intoxication comes when alcohol is already in the blood, and we can not get it out of there. Ethanol is processed by enzymes with a strictly defined rate, which we do not influence, so it is technically fast to sober up the sober. But you can recover and concentrate to call a taxi, get to bed or at least keep from stupid.

Stop drinking alcohol

When you overload alcohol, add yourself another – the worst idea. We stop the booze and do not look for something to soak up to let go.

Start drinking tea

How quickly to sober: Start drinking tea

Drink a lot, a lot. The more we drink, the more we select, and we need to isolate them to bring the products of alcohol breakdown, get rid of nausea and dehydration. Therefore, it is necessary to enter the “drink and pee” regime.

It is allowed to use water (only not carbonated!), Juice, compote, tea. But in drinking it’s hard to force yourself to swallow just water or even juice, but sweet tea, as a rule, comes easier. However, if you do not like tea, but are able to drink water, do as you please.

But my favorite strong coffee works worse. Caffeine narrows the blood vessels, helps to become more active, but in the end it does not contribute to detoxification, that is, it does not eliminate intoxication. Worse: temporary mobilization after coffee can create a false impression that everything is in order and you are normal, and this leads to the most surprising and not always pleasant discoveries.

In tea, too, there is caffeine, but it is less there, so it will be a little cheerful, but to deceive your sensations – no longer.

Take sorbents

When you only realized that you have gone through, take sorbents. They prevent the absorption of alcohol, and something from the drunk does not go into the blood. There is no inverse force for sorbents, that is, you will not sober up, but at least you will not become drunk.

Have a snack

This is also a way to slow the absorption of alcohol, if you drank a glass and realized that it was superfluous.

Do not resist nausea

How to sober up: Do not resist nausea

When everything swims before your eyes and makes you sick, perhaps, vomiting is a good decision. If there is any alcohol left in the stomach, he will not get into the blood. In addition, the body will not be distracted by digestion, when it is already engaged in processing ethanol. It is not so hard to become, but the pressing feeling of nausea will recede, and this is better than nothing.

Move on

It is best to walk in the fresh air as fast as the state allows. It helps to focus and a little to recover.

Take a shower

A cold shower is a bad idea. He, of course, acts like a strong coffee, but the effect of sobering from him is false. But you can earn a spasm of blood vessels or even a heart attack in a drunken state under a cold shower. So the water should be warm. And, in fact, a shower is needed to wait out the most unpleasant moments in it, because it is so much easier.

Massage your hands, feet and ears

These are simple actions that help to concentrate on sensations, to increase the flow of blood to the head (if it’s about rubbing the ears), so that for a certain period it will be easier for you to focus.

Go to sleep

How quickly to sober: Go to sleep

All these half measures help you to recover a little, but you can sober up with time only. It is clear that this time is preferable to spend in a dream. It is better to even take a nap for 30 minutes on an armchair to gain strength than to prevail against yourself.

But never go to bed if you barely restrain nausea. Either wait until it gets easier, or cause a vomiting, or make sure that you have a person near you who can watch you sleep. Otherwise, you risk choking vomit in a drunken sleep.

What you do not need

Many sites give more tips on how quickly sober up. The effect is based on one thing: while you try everything, it will take some time and you will feel better. But some of these methods are dangerous to health. So, you do not need:

  1. To smoke. In the blood and so a killer cocktail. Where is there still nicotine?
  2. To drink medicine. Do not combine any medication with alcohol. First, if you come up with such a brilliant idea, you are no longer able to read the instructions. Secondly, the drugs are derived in the same way as alcohol: mainly liver and kidneys, which are already overloaded. Thirdly, it is unlikely that you will be able to correctly assess your condition if drugs with alcohol cause side effects.
  3. Sniff ammonia. Only if you do not want to throw up.
  4. To go to the bath. Bath and the truth brings to life, but climb into a hot steam room is not drunk: high risk of burning yourself, overheating or earning a heart attack. So this is a way for very healthy and not very drunk.
  5. Train. It’s just not safe when you’re drunk. Most likely, you will earn a trauma, but not sober.

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