What is kushon and how to use it

What is the cousin

Kushon is an aseptic sponge impregnated with a liquid cosmetic.

The name came from English, where cushion means “pillow”. By the way, it’s right to put the stress on the first syllable: kushon. The letter “o” in pronunciation is leveled.

Kushon – this is not the kind of cosmetics, but the form of its release. As a rule, the Kushons are small, box-like boxes. Inside there is a mirror, an antibacterial sponge for applying the product on the upper tier and the actual cushion on the bottom.


What are the Kushons

Initially, the cushion-cushion was impregnated with toning products: BB- and SS-creams with the addition of plant extracts, vitamins, sunscreens and other components.

But associate kushon exclusively with tonal means is incorrect. The form was so convenient that now in the cousins ​​produce blush, bronzers, highlighter, eye shadow, lipstick and much more. If desired, kushona can make makeup from beginning to end.

But still in the lines of cosmetic brands most of all it is the Kushons-tonalnikov. Therefore, we shift the focus of the article to them.

What are the pros and cons of the Kushons?

As soon as the kushons appeared on the European market, they immediately became a hit. The delights of women are justified: cosmetics in this form has several weighty advantages.

  1. Light texture and application. With a foundation, creamy blushes and other liquid substances, it is easy to overdo it, creating a mask effect on the face. With the kushons everything is simple: passing through a porous sponge, the product loosens and lies flat, which practically is not felt.
  2. Economical. No matter how convenient the dispenser on the tube is, more money is squeezed out than necessary. Sponge in the kushon takes just as much product as it needs, and gives it perfectly to the skin.
  3. Compactness. The Kushons displace the familiar compacts from the bags and beauties of the girls. Packaging takes up little space, there is a mirror and no additional brushes or beauty blender are needed. What else do you need for work, study and travel?

But each of these pluses has a downside.

  1. With toning kushons it is difficult to hide problems such as acne and pigmentation. Some manufacturers produce kushons with a strong masking effect, but even they, most likely, will have to cover the face in several layers.
  2. The Kushons are running out quickly. If the usual tube tonalki 50-70 ml, then the amount of kushona only 20-30 ml. And they use them much more often than other products: it’s very convenient.
  3. Kushon will not share with your girlfriend. Sponges, although antibacterial, are the subject of personal hygiene. Even if you have the same tone with your mom or sister, everyone will have to buy your kushon. Well, or, as an option, your sponge.

How to choose a cousin

When choosing a toning couch it is necessary to take into account the type and color of the skin, as well as the season and composition.

Owners of oily skin and dilated pores are more suitable products of the Korean beauty industry. Usually their covering ability is higher, they better align the skin relief.

But you need to carefully choose the tone. Asians like to bleach their face, and even the darkest shade in the line on tanned or swarthy skin can look unnatural.

Girls with dry and normal skin should take a closer look at the cousins ​​from European brands. The texture of these products is often similar to fluids, they fall on the face of an easy veil, do not roll down and do not flake.

Kushons are very different: each brand seeks to find its own chip. Some make an emphasis on hydration, others focus on vitaminization and so on.

Before buying, be sure to study the active components of the kushona.

For autumn and winter it is better to take products enriched with oils and plant extracts, and for summer make-up – moisturizing compounds with SPF-filter not less than 20.

How to use the kushon

  1. Clean and moisten the skin, as before using a traditional toner.
  2. Put the sponge on the index and middle fingers of the leading hand. Dial the product, lightly pressing it onto the cushion pillow.
  3. Flap the product over the face. Repeat if necessary.

The tonal kushons are 30% composed of mineral water and other moisturizing ingredients, otherwise they would dry out quickly. After them, the skin is almost always wet finish. If you do not like it, choose products with matting function or powder after applying kushona.

Make-up is carried out as usual. In particular, the Kushons are perfectly washed off with micellar water.

How to make a kushon yourself

If you do not want to overpay, and the box for the kushona is already there, you can choose the right composition. Here is a video instruction for making a tonal couson at home.

And in your cosmetic bag there are kushons? Tell us in the comments how you feel about such a presentation of cosmetics.