GeekBrains: where to learn programming

We will not focus on the question of why we should learn programming at all and whether we can do it ourselves. This topic has repeatedly been raised. We better tell you how to do it with the help of a specialized resource.

GeekBrains is a service with a comprehensive approach to learning that allows you to become an encoder (and not only) from scratch and get a certificate that confirms your qualification. Simple registration – and you are a member of the community in which you study and teach programming.

Where to begin

Determine the decision to learn programming and find the starting points for starting the course “Fundamentals of programming” helps. It can pass any person, even one who was not at one lesson of computer science at school.

The course is very short, takes only two weeks, but effective. In it and video lessons, and homework. After a few sessions, you can already write short programs and will know whether to continue.

GeekBrains: course

What awaits you in this training program? Fundamentals of algorithmization, differences and features of programming languages, the specifics of future work, the practice of setting tasks – and without Hello, World! will not do.

Since this course, in fact, a test, then it can be completely free. No tricks.

How to choose a specialization

Programming is an industry with huge opportunities for expanding skills and re-profiling. Once you have mastered the basics, it’s time to move on to more specific skills through which you will make money.

GeekBrains has 46 training courses

To make a freshman a sought-after specialist, GeekBrains has 46 training courses that cover a huge number of IT specialties. You can choose according to different criteria. Someone needs to learn programming languages ​​for development under certain OS, it is more convenient for someone to be guided by the requirements to the profession. The search for courses is facilitated with the help of several filters.

Most interesting will be for beginners. For them, the service provides maximum learning opportunities.

GeekBrains: the most interesting will be for beginners

Education resembles an academic standard. In each course there are lectures – educational videos, through which teachers and transfer knowledge. Each student is provided with methodological materials, with which help homework is performed. As a smoking room is a forum where users of the service share their experiences and seek answers to questions.

The result – even green beginners acquire the skills of specialists.

Where to gain experience

GeekBrains is created by developers who know about the features of the programmer’s work. Therefore, after the training each student is given the opportunity to apply for an internship in a company that is looking for a developer with relevant skills.

Each GeekBrains student can pass an internship in leading IT companies

The internship is Learning by Doing, because you are working on a real project that will be sold and used, and not on a study assignment. This practice gives the very skills that are critically important for employers. This is the notorious ability to work in a team, the ability to understand the technical task and find answers to complex questions.

The internship conditions for all companies are different, many are ready to invite beginners to work for real money.

How to become steeper

GeekBrains is created for training, and in IT-sphere it is necessary to learn non-stop. For experienced professionals, courses for advanced training in the form of webinars are provided, which detail the aspects of the work of programmers. The database with video recordings is available for free.

For experienced specialists, GeekBrains provides training courses in the form of webinars

Professional tips and useful life-hacks are collected in a blog in which the participants of the GeekBrains community share ideas and observations.

The positive aspects of the service are obvious. You are referring to a service with zero knowledge. You learn and practice. You enter the market with a ready-made specialist with relevant knowledge, portfolio and contacts of professionals. You continue to gain knowledge and grow.

What’s the catch? Only in the fact that nothing is given for no reason. GeekBrains is a serious system in which you will have to learn and force yourself to absorb new information. Maybe you are motivated by the fact that more than 40,000 people have completed training with the help of the service. This indicator speaks volumes.

Let’s go?