Kippt – service for storing bookmarks with social network functions

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, absorbing information, one day you will have a question: where to store links to articles that you plan to read, and how to organize them? There is a very convenient service for storing bookmarks and publications. This is Kippt.

Kippt allows you to store bookmarks, add notes to them, view saved publications in the built-in reader and share links to them with friends on social networks. Bookmarks can be sorted by importance or other parameters.

Kippt - service for storing bookmarks with social network functions

The service is very simple, intuitive and yet incredibly powerful. You can add bookmarks to it using an extension or bookmarklet for your browser (supported by Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari), via email, Google Reader, or mobile apps from Android devices, iPhone or iPad. The bookmark you add can instantly cross out on Twitter or Facebook.

where it is most convenient to store bookmarks

This is the article “7 products that help to replenish the energy reserves of our body” in the internal Kippt reader:

convenient service for storing bookmarks

And so – the window for adding a bookmark through the extension for the browser Chrome:

add to bookmarks, Kippt, Chrome browser extension

Publications stored in Kippt for reading later can be synchronized with Instapaper, Readability and Pocket.

One more thing to pay attention to is the internal social platform Kippt. You can zafolovit any user and receive in the news feed publications, which he found interesting and added to his bookmarks. You can put likes, leave comments and save your favorite bookmarks.

And where do you store your bookmarks and how do you synchronize them between devices?

Clippt for iOS | | App Store $ 2.99

Clippt for Android | | Google Play, free

Kippt for Chrome | | Chrome Web Store