10 games for bored designers


Are you sure you can distinguish colors well? Then try to go through several levels of this game. In it you will need to choose a color corresponding to a large strip, each time changing its color. At first it seems to be an extremely easy task, but gradually everything becomes more complicated, and mistakes will be more and more.



Kern Type

Kerning is the selection of letter spacing for specific pairs of letters in order to improve the appearance and legibility of the text. This process is quite complicated and requires an excellent eye. You can practice with Kern Type. Just put all the letters in their places. In fact, this is not so easy.


Kern Type

Shape Type

Another game for people involved in typography. In it, you have to correct the corrupted letters by means of vector curves. In the course of the game, you will naturally come to understand that each letter is an outstanding work of art.


Shape Type

The Bezier Game

If you were impressed by the previous game, then you might want to draw a font of your own. This can not be done without virtuoso possession of the Pen tool from the Photoshop arsenal. The Bezier Game will help you to master it in perfection. In fact, this is an excellent interactive tutorial, after which you can create vector objects of any complexity.


The Bezier game

RGB Challenge

All the variety of colors around us can be transmitted with the help of special color rendering systems, one of which is RGB. In this case, each shade has its own combination of numbers. Remember them all, of course, it is impossible, but the professionals know how to orient themselves in them. This game will help you to acquire this skill.


RGB challenge


Good musicians are able to easily recall from memory even a once heard melody. Professional designers have the same great memory, but only for colors. And you can remember the real colors of logos you know well?



Odd One Out

This game will check how well you can perceive the most subtle shades. In it, you will quickly find that single box that is different from the others. Believe me, it’s almost impossible to do this after level 20!


Odd one out

Pixel Perfect

50 pixels is how much? And ten is a lot or a little? After passing this game, you will never have such questions. Now you can cut out pixel shapes of precisely designated size without any auxiliary tools.


Pixel perfect

Online Color Сhallenge

This application is a test designed to test your color perception. As reported by its creators, out of every 255 women and 12 men, one has problems with the correct definition of colors and shades. And you? Arrange all the boxes in order and find out!


Online Color challenge

Shoot the Serif

And in conclusion a small shooter. In this game you need to shoot all the letters with serifs. Literally after several sessions you will learn how to determine Serif family fonts literally in one second (and your hand will instinctively be pulled to the holster).


Shoot the serif

We hope that the games from this review will help you have a good time, relax a little and relax. And some, perhaps, will even learn something new.