Colorize Photos turns black and white photos into color

The Colorize Photos service was created by a group of researchers dealing with neural networks, to demonstrate one of the options for the practical application of artificial intelligence. In this case, it is used for coloring black and white photographs. Any visitor to the site can enter into the field a link to an old photo and click one button to turn it into a color one.

Colorize Photos

Despite the fact that the images are processed in just a few seconds, the amount of work done by artificial intelligence is very large. After all, during this time he needs to analyze the contents of the picture, recognize familiar objects on it, extract the approximate colors of these objects from his database and, finally, apply them to the photo.

Colorize Photos: work with photos

The results of Colorize Photos work quite strongly depending on the image offered for processing. Some photos just surprise with the plausibility and variety of colors, others look, frankly, not very much. After several experiments, it becomes clear that the best thing Colorize Photos cope with colors of the human body, water, trees, cars, buildings. Here, look at a few more examples.

It looks interesting, does not it?

Experiment with your photos you can on the project site, a link to which you will find below. And do not forget to share with us the best results in the comments!

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