3 best players for audiobooks on Android

To listen to a book on a tablet or smartphone, you can use a regular music player. But much better for this purpose is suitable for a special audio book player.

First, such a program remembers the progress: when the audio file is played again, it is played not from the beginning, but from the last listened seconds. Secondly, you can create bookmarks to return to the selected moments of the book.

In addition, audiobook players have special rewind modes that help to easily control the sound stream and not to lose the thread of the narrative.

These and many other possibilities you will find in the following programs.

1. Smart Audiobook Player

This player has everything you need to comfortably listen to audiobooks: from synchronizing bookmarks and playback positions between devices to removable interface themes.

You can customize the buttons so that when you click the book, you rewind for a few seconds forwards or backwards. It is very convenient if you want to hear the previous one again or skip the next fragment. You can control the audio stream in the player interface or in the widget on the notification panel.

Smart Audiobook Player allows you to change the playback speed. In the application there is a volume amplifier for too quiet recordings and an equalizer.

The player can automatically react to various events that occur with the device. For example, it starts playback as soon as the user connects the headphones. Or it turns off when the gadget lays for a long time without moving, so as not to disturb the owner to sleep.

Among the original chips Smart Audiobook Player is worth noting the section for the characters. Here you can record the names and descriptions of the characters, so as not to confuse the characters in the long works.

Within a month you can use the player completely for free. After this time, synchronization, bookmarks, equalizer and some other features of Smart Audiobook Player will no longer be available until the full version is purchased.

2. Listen Audiobook Player

The player, which can be considered as an alternative to Smart Audiobook Player. Synchronization of bookmarks and positions between devices, an equalizer, a volume amplifier, a sleep timer and automatic actions settings – all this is also present in the Listen Audiobook Player.

The program also has a widget on the notification panel, allows you to adjust the playback speed and select intervals for the fast-forward buttons.

In addition, you have detailed interface settings. You can even change the management of the player by assigning the commands you need for various gestures.

Listen Audiobook Player does not have a free trial version. But the developer promises a refund to each unhappy user within seven days of purchase.

3. Material Audiobook Player

If you do not need a lot of settings and functions, take a look at the Material Audiobook Player. This program will offer you only the most necessary features in a simple and stylish interface. Among them – bookmarks, a widget to control the player, select the playback speed, rewind by fragments and a sleep timer.

But in Material Audiobook Player there is no built-in equalizer, volume amplifier and other useful functions. The application also does not support data synchronization between devices.

But this player is completely free and does not show ads.